Practical Benefits of Owning Lori Wall Beds

Most people think that the idea for wall beds (more popularly known as Murphy beds) originated from William Murphy, the man it was named after. But even though Murphy’s folding bed design skyrocketed to popularity in the early 1900s, foldaway beds have actually been around in different forms and styles for many decades prior to that. Since then, they’ve come a long way, especially in terms of style and functionality. Space-saving wall beds, like Lori wall beds, can be particularly useful for homes with limited spaces. If you’re on the fence about getting one, this article might just prove useful to you.

Below are eight practical benefits you can get from owning custom wall beds at home.

  1. You Can Save a Lot of Space

In studio-type condos and small apartments, getting a wall bed can be a practical choice considering how little space they use up. Space-saving Lori wall beds can be a very convenient addition even in larger living areas.

By making the most of one of your wall’s unused vertical spaces, a wall bed won’t use up a lot of room and won’t be obstructive when not in use.

All you have to do is pull the bed down out of the wall whenever you or your overnight guests are ready to call it a night. In the morning, you can easily fold up the bed to free up a significant amount of floor space in the room.

  • It’s Guaranteed to Be High Quality

Certain types of products are commonly referred to in generic terms. For example, words like ‘aspirin’, ‘thermos’, ‘zipper’, and ‘kleenex’ are words we use to describe products that may or not actually bear these trademarked names. There’s a good reason for this ,and the same can be said for wall beds.

Although you can find different wall bed brands on the market, they are most commonly known as Murphy beds. This is due to the industry leading reputation Murphy beds have had for almost a century now.

Lori wall beds provide some of the best and high-quality Murphy beds in the market. You are not only guaranteed quality hardware and long-lasting design, but they are guaranteed to be some of the most comfortable wall beds you’ll ever have.

  • They’re Safe and Easy to Use

One of the most common concerns people have with wall beds is whether they’ll be easy to open and close. Most modern wall beds come with innovative spring systems that make it easy for users to open and close them. They’re also quite safe to use. There’s no need to worry about the bed breaking down while you’re using it.

  • They’re as Comfortable as Regular Beds

A space-saving wall bed is guaranteed to come with a high-quality mattress (usually coil), that is equally comfortable as a conventional bed.

If you have unexpected guests over, they’ll definitely appreciate the experience of sleeping in a wall bed. It’s guaranteed to be more comfortable compared to sleeping on an air mattress, pull-out sofa bed, or rolling cot.

If you want to test out the comfort level of sleeping on a wall bed yourself, try to visit showrooms that feature them. Try them out and see how comfortable and easy they are to open and close.

  • You Can Customize them to Fit Your Needs

Designers of Lori wall beds can customize your bed according to your style, tastes, and needs. For example, you want to add a pull-out nightstand to your wall bed, all you need to do is ask them and they’ll be able to do it for you. Other custom options available for your wall beds include:

  • Customizable size options (single, double, queen-sized)
  • Can be designed as a solo unit or as part of a bigger, custom cabinetry unit with different wood finishes to choose from.
  • Open and closed storage options
  • Built-in lighting options (for accent or reading purposes).
  • They Look Great and Add to Your Home’s Décor

The next level customization options that wall beds come with means that you’ll be able to choose a unit that goes perfectly together or complements your home’s aesthetics. It doesn’t matter whether the bed is open or closed, but that it matches the theme or style you want the room to be in.

Lori wall beds can be designed to completely fold up into a well-designed, highly functional cabinet unit during the day when you don’t need to use it as a bed.

  • They Help Create a Multi-Purpose Space in your Home

We can optimize the versatility to almost any room in our home by turning it into a multi-purpose guest room equipped with a space-saving wall bed. Your home office, in particular, can be easily transformed into a cozy bedroom for guests simply be adding a wall bed.

  • They Add Value to Your Home Even When You Decide to Move

If you ever decide to move homes in the future and are worried about how to add to its value, worry not. Wall beds help increase your home’s value. And if you want to bring your wall beds with you to your new place, you can also do that. Simply contact your interior decorator or the company that installed your bds and have them transport it to your new home, where they will also reassemble it as well.

If you ever decide to leave the wall bed behind when you move, you can add its value to the overall resale value of your house, apartment or condo. You not only maximized space in your home but increased its resale value as well. Such a huge win, right?


If you’re keen on maximizing the space at home without having to do any major overhaul, then you might want to consider getting a wall bed. Wall beds are a practical option compared to getting a regular bed. They’re not only functional but they also come in different styles and designs that complement your desired aesthetic for your home. You don’t have to worry whether they are as comfortable as regular beds because they are, and to mention they can be customized according to your preferences. They come in different size options as well.

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