Pink Princess Bedroom

The fundamental point about designing the room is that it should complement the personality of the occupant of the space. Assume, you will plan to give a makeover to your daughter’s bedroom. What will be the most suitable approach in this case? You may imagine about the details of approach like the appropriate curtains for girls and the conformed wall and bed. A candid idea in this regard is to opt for the use of pink shade that will make the room most suitable for your princess. Here is a few tricks and tips that will come effective in this regard.

Using pink shade for the walls, upholstery, furniture covers and throughout the place

The most basic approach in this regard will be to use pink shade for the walls, the pink curtains, the bed covers and linens as well as for the covers of upholstery and furniture in the bedroom.

Pink is the color that upholds the grace of womanhood and imparts a soothing ambience to the space. If you are opting for this idea, you should use bright lights in the rooms. You can install some indoor plants in the room that will make the place more liveable. Rounded beds and patio furniture, will be the most suitable options in these cases. You can think of placing the bed on a platform that will add an imperial touch to the room. This approach will be the most suitable for larger rooms.

Getting a Local Rug to replace the carpet

Especially if the room is of shorter dimension, you can replace the carpet with local Rugs, placed near the bed. Another simple yet effective trick to beautify the room will be to use lighter shades of pink for the walls, while the furniture, upholstery, bed linens should be in deeper shades of pink. You can even make a place in the room that stack it with teddy bears and other soft toys in soft yet vibrant colors.

In addition to the points stated above, you can even paint the walls in pink and use base color, usually white for the furniture and upholstery. It would do good if you are installing a sleek Chandelier just over the bed. Designing the walls with floral motifs, figures of Cartoon characters or with customized design is another trick that you may try.

These ideas are simple to execute, involves minimum expenses and hence, you will not find it difficult to put into actions. This will be an effective way to express your love and affection for your darling princess.

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