Peugeot Piano

French piano manufacturer Pleyel collaborated with the Peugeot Design Lab to create the exceptional Peugeot Piano. With many months devoted to research, study, and tests, the results speak – or should I say project! – for themselves.

It’s high quality sound and aesthetic appeal are a shining example of what can be done when inspired people reinvent the wheel successfully.


The mechanism of the piano was lowered to be flush with the keyboard soloist. For the first time in the history of the piano, the audience sees the artist play from any angle. This highlights the hands of the pianist creates a greater interaction with the public.


The body of the piano and the soundboard are made of wood, most responsive to sound; the lid and the base are made of carbon fiber for its light weight but also its reverberation.


The objective was to maintain the high quality of the Pleyel, both subtle, colorful, powerful in the bass and sparkling in the treble, harmonized on the stamp, but with it’s own unique feel to the brand. The piano keeps its black lacquer within the classic codes of the universe ..

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