Pen Type-B

Pen Type-B is a super minimal everyday pen. It is the pocket friendly sibling of Pen Type-A, engineered to last generations.

  • Pen Type-B is precision machined out of solid metal.
  • The body of the pen is made out of stainless steel and the sleeve is made out of polished brass.
  • The ultra-high machining tolerances between the pen and sleeve create a piston-like effect. The pen falls slowly into its sleeve and makes a nice popping sound when you pull it out quickly.
  • Pen Type-B has no visible logo.
  • The rounded polished brass sleeve is gentle on your hands and pockets.
  • The brass is purposely uncoated, so that it picks up your unique patina over time.


One of the coolest features is how it slides in and out of the sleeve:

Pen Type-B is already full funded on Kickstarter with a few days to go, so pick up yours over here.


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