10 Easy, Genius Ways to Organize Your Home

There is a distinction between having an organized home and a clean home. A house can be clean, but it is not organized in a way that is delightful. Fortunately, here are ten easy and genius ways to organize a home, including the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and the bedroom including closets.

1.   Have a Household Information Center

Have household information center at the corner of the living room which is used to organize papers, files, and books to avoid papers from flying all over the house. Moreover, one can use the table as a working location to place a computer. Whenever a person wants to work, they should use the station and avoid the couch. It is necessary to use one of the drawers in the table to put the laptop, chargers, phones, tablets, ipads, and power banks.

2.   Have a Library

A house will be more organized if one builds shelves where to put books. For easy access, a person should organize the books either alphabetically or thematically. A person should use the household information center table to read the book and then return it to the library. One should do this also with the magazines by creating a space in the library for placing them.

3.   Do not Clump the Kitchen Cabinets

Some utensils can be organized in particular ways to avoid making the cabinets look chaotic. It is vital to choose to hang pots, pans, and mugs. Have a large jar for placing spoons, spatulas, and whisks. Purchase beautiful cup carriers to hang everyday usage cups. Arrange utensils that are used daily nearer to avoid disarranging other utensils when getting them. It is also essential to get a water bottle storage pack and place all the sports bottles according to size or color.

4.   Have Containers to Put Food

Go to the store and buy containers to put rice, flour, salt, and sugar among others. All products packaged in a way that when opened they might end up spilling should be put in these sealed containers. Always, organize the jars in the pantry in a presentable form.

5.   Remove dust from the House Regularly

Do not sit in a house that has not been cleaned for almost a month. Remove dust from the floors regularly to avoid dirt from getting on the electrical appliances and the couch. When a house is clean, someone always feels the need to organize it attractively.

6.   Spread Your Bed

As easy as it sounds, some people do not spread their beds daily. Once anyone wakes up, it is essential to spread the bed smoothly to give your bedroom an organized look. Consider having pillowcases that match the bed cover and sheets. After spreading the bed, put all the pillows even those that are not always used to make the bed look beautiful.

7.   Declutter Your Closet

Remove all the untidy and unnecessary items from the closet. Take all the clothes and shoes that have not been worn for the past six months, and those that one is not planning to wear, then give them away. Arrange clothes and shoes according to type and color and put the everyday garments closer. Put bags in the spaces above the closet, and you can consider arranging them according to size. Have jewelry in clear jars, and all watches should be well organized in a watch rack or one of the drawers. Have a sizable laundry bucket to avoid throwing dirty clothes inside the closet on the floor.

8.   Use Bathroom Cabinet Doors for Storage

Most bathrooms usually have bathroom door cabinets which one can choose to put all the grooming products. Arrange all facial cleansers in one of the cabinets. Put new soaps, detergents, and shampoos in another cabinet. Create a space to put toothbrushes and toothpaste on a stand. Consider buying a rack and use it to put your combs, hair clips, and hairpins attached to book clips to avoid losing them. If one has fewer drawers in the bathroom, i.e., like the one that is featured in the minimalist bathroom, they should purchase drawer dividers and use the partitions to place various bathroom necessities.

9.   Organize Towels

Put all towels in hooks in the bathroom. It is a fantastic idea to have towels of the same color if one doesn’t mind. Have a laundry bucket in the bathroom for placing any dirty towel that should be cleaned before placing it back on the hook.

10.Be Creative

You need to be creative to achieve an organized home, for example, visit websites like Veranda Interiors for more tips and tricks. Furthermore, Do it Yourself (DIY) tactics can be gained from anything in the house. For example, placing the hair clips in the book pin is a DIY that saves space and is beautiful. Someone does not have to spend so much to have an organized home. People should use what they have to create what they want around the house.


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