Opencase Wall System

Henrybuilt has introduced the Opencase Wall System, a re-configurable storage system with technical sophistication and a warm look and feel.

The Opencase works in a wide range of applications and is designed to evolve with the user’s needs over time. Starting point configurations have been developed for entryways, libraries, offices, wine storage, pantries, wardrobes, utility closets, laundry, and children’s rooms.

The base of each rod remains fixed within the panel, while the rods can be unscrewed and moved to create different configurations. The specialized components rest on the rods allowing them to be easily re-configured by anyone living with the system.

The hand-crafted care with which this product has been crafted is immediately noticeable and radiates a homely but sophisticated feel.

Check out Henrybuilt’s Wine Storage System which we featured previously!


Our primary goal is to produce the best kitchen and whole house furniture and storage systems in the world, based on an ideal combination of system development, customization, craft quality and design service.


The product is being released with a full suite of specialized components. Each component is handcrafted from the very best materials. The palette is broad, and includes steel, solid wood and leather fittings, as well as pieces sculpted from solid composite panels.


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