One-handed First Aid Kit

The regular design of a medical aid kit does not address how they function in everyday life where they will most likely be used by a person with no medical training. They can be cumbersome and confusing and, in a tense situation, may be hard for a person to decipher what medicine should be used for what injury.

Gabriele Meldaikyte thought long and hard about this problem and came up with the idea of a one-handed home first aid kit. After much research, she discovered that most injuries occurring in a domestic environment happen in the kitchen and she designed the kit around that knowledge accordingly.

She simplified and streamlined the content of the kit, provided a guide through the treatment process, and made sure the kit could be used efficiently with only one hand in case the other is injured.


The design of standard first aid kits usually does not address how they function in real life where they are often used by someone who has no medical training.



My first aid kit is divided by injuries and every injury is described in steps, guiding the casualty through the treatment process.


Furthermore, the kit has been specially designed to be used with one hand so an injury to other hand can be treated efficiently, even if the accident occurred while you were alone.

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