Oliveo ~ The Spanish Based Olive Oil Company

While in a new country, a few days ago, I was looking for a good olive oil and after the better part of an hour (seriously) I could just not decide on which brand to buy. As a rule olive oil and balsamic vinegar are 2 very key ingredients you just don’t buy cheap/generic versions of. Worrying that I had wasted too much time on choosing the right olive oil I just grabbed a rather pricey random with a rather generic picture on the package, almost ruined my day, but had I seen this absolutely gorgeous olive oil packaging staring at me it’d been a no brainer.

Apologies for the rambling, anyway the Oliveo logo and packaging was created by Leo9Studio for the Spanish based olive oil company. The brief was apparently as simple as building the brand identity on the products numerous benefits like non-cholestrol and high nutritional values. Oh, and the company also wanted to have an olive in the logo. Haha.


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