Mudita Bell Alarm Clock

A peaceful, friendly and beautiful E-Ink alarm clock.

I love this idea of a ‘calm’ alarm clock. Not only are the alarm tones “natural and appealing” to gently nudge you out of bed instead of making you jump out of bed. This clock comes with a built-in air quality sensor, a meditation timer and a beautiful E-Ink display!

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Enhance meditation sessions with a timer and a dedicated button

The meditation timer is a simple, yet useful feature for meditation and yoga enthusiasts. It is also a brilliant guide for those who are just starting out. Users can set three frequently used meditation lengths (the default settings are 15/30/60 minutes), and easily access them with a dedicated button. Meditation will start and end with a deep, soft gong sound. The Mudita Bell will track all of your sessions and display simple statistics, or you can view them on your MuditaOS desktop app. Together with the Mudita Bell, we provide very simple meditation instructions suitable for both beginners and advanced meditators.

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