Moving House Before Christmas? Here Are Some Tips to Make Sure Things go Smoothly

Moving house at any point during the year is bound to be a really stressful thing to do. After all, you have to pack up your entire life, find expert movers such as Isle of Wight Removals, transport it however long a distance, spend time unpacking again, all while possibly having to make new friends and start a new job in an unfamiliar place (unless you are only moving across your hometown of course!). However, if there is one time of year that’s especially stressful to move, it has to be Christmas. There’s already so much going on at this time of year – you have to decide which presents to buy fr who, make plans about who to visit and who is hosting, and if you’re planning to host then that comes with a whole other selection of planning responsibilities and deadlines. Throw moving into the mix and you’ve got yourself a whole other kettle of fish. It probably isn’t the best time of year to be doing this – but we’re sure you have your reasons, and we’re here to provide just a few top tips for moving house before Christmas to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible!

  1. Buy your presents ahead of time

One thing you can get out of the way before you move is buying your presents, and maybe even wrapping and sending them – then, when you arrive in your new place, all you have to worry about is getting settled in. though some may find it less stressful to do this the other way around (and you know yourself better than we do!), it’s definitely a nice idea to get all those Christmas chores out of the way first so you can just focus on your move.

  1. Make it clear you aren’t hosting

Moving at Christmas is already very stressful as we’ve discussed – as is Christmas itself. However, even more stressful is hosting and, especially if you’re someone who does habitually host over the holidays, you need to make it abundantly clear that you will not be doing so this year. This Christmas your house will not be ready – no matter how good your intentions – and  a stressful time will only be made more stressful!

  1. Clearly mark your Christmas decorations

With any luck your Christmas decorations spend most of the year in a clearly marked box all their own anyway – but if not, make sure they do. Despite the fact you’ve just moved, you’re probably still going to want to decorate your new home so it feels festive – and you can make that as easy as possible by ensuring your decorations are clearly marked is you don’t have to spend an extra hour tracking them down.

  1. Don’t overstretch yourself

Obviously, there are a lot of events going on over christmas, and because of the festive atmosphere it’s easy to slip into the trap of saying yes to absolutely everything. However, when  you’ve got all the extra stress of moving on your plate as well as all the usual festive activity, you should make sure not to stretch yourself too thin – only say yes to a select few events, and make sure you know how much you can handle.

So, if you’re busy prepping for a Christmas move – we know that these little ideas definitely won’t take the stress away completely, but we do hope some of these tips help you to feel prepared and make it as stress free as possible. And of course, we wish you a very merry Christmas in your new home and a great start to your New Year!

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