Moving Furniture When You Change Countries: A Few Tips to Help Make Things Easier

Leaving one’s own country and starting life in another can either be a very exciting or a depressing episode, depending on multiple factors such as who and what they are leaving behind, where they are moving to, and why they are moving in the first place. In all of the scenarios, however, a common problem that can become a real headache is furniture removal.

If you are planning to leave the country for good, you will want to take at least some of the furniture with you to the new country, so that you don’t have to start all over again. Also, depending on where you are moving to, high-quality furniture suited to your taste may not even be available, or the expenses associated with importing quality furniture there can be too costly to even consider. With the help of effective planning though, it is possible to not just take some of your favorite furniture with you while leaving the country, but you can actually do it without wasting valuable time, energy, and money.

You Can Have It All Taken Care of Without Any Worries

Let’s get the most comprehensive solution out of the way first because if you avail the services of a moving company that can handle everything from picking up your furniture at the current address, to unpacking and setting up the furniture in your destination address, you won’t need to worry much about anything really! One of the best examples of this type of service can be seen through the company Philips International Moving, who has been in the business of international and cross border moving since the 1920s. With experienced movers like these, you can rest assured that wherever you are moving to and whatever it is that you are moving with, they will be able to handle the entire transportation process from Point A to Point B, with the assurance of safety.

All you need to do is go the Phillips international moving page, fill in the short form and wait for a call from them. You can also contact them directly via phone or chat and ask them about any and all queries you may have regarding the whole process. Once the date and other details of the move have been discussed and settled, everything else will be handled by the company in Canada and their local representatives for your destination address. It’s as simple as that! 

You Can Save Money by Choosing to Move Your Furniture by Ship

Irrespective of whether you hire a professional moving company for packing, transporting, and setting up your furniture, or you choose to handle it on your own, choose water transport over air transport if saving money is important to you because it really will shave off a good chunk from the total transportation expenses. Having said that, there is a reason why moving furniture via ship is less expensive than getting your property airborne, and that reason has a lot to do with the speed of transportation. A cargo ship will take significantly longer than a cargo plane to reach its destination, so there’s that to keep in mind, especially if speed is a priority to you.

Pack Your Furniture On Your Own to Further Reduce Time and Expense

If the moving company has to handle the packing, they will charge you for it. Therefore, pack your furniture on your own to reduce both the time and the total cost of the move. However, there is a catch to it, which is the fact that unless you really know what you are doing, you may need help with packing the large pieces of furniture, such as the couch or the dining table. Searching for a few videos on YouTube can be quite helpful, but there is no guarantee that you will be able to get it right on your very first try. It is just better to leave the larger items for the professionals and pack only what you can. After all, part of getting your precious furniture to another nation without a scratch involves secured packaging during the transit and you should not take any chances with it.

Do You Really Need to Carry Everything?

This is a hard decision part for everyone who loves their interiors; which items should you leave behind? If you have a small apartment with just a few items worth taking, this will probably not be an issue. Unfortunately for those of us with a big house or apartment, at least some of the furniture will have to be left behind, or the shipping costs might become too much to be feasible.

As the decision regarding which items to take with you and which ones to leave behind will most likely be permanent, take your time with it. Sit down and make an inventory of everything you own and then create a second list of items that you will be bringing with you, after consulting with your partner. Check the list multiple times just to be sure that you are not missing anything.

Moving overseas is not an easy decision or process, but the moving home part doesn’t have to be difficult once someone has already made that decision. With the help of everything we just discussed, you should be able to bring a bit of your home with you, irrespective of the place that you are now moving to.

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