Keep Your Home Modern with these Minimalist Styling Tips

Minimalism sounds like a lifestyle only hipsters or bandwagoning teens ascribe to, a bit like Kale or Unicorn Frappuccino. But at its core, minimalism is the intention of living simply and removing anything that distracts us from the things we value most.

It started as an art movement back in post World War II, with artists such as Agnes Martin, Frank Stella, and Ann Truitt. As the term evolved to anything that is stripped down to what is essential, minimalism became a style not exclusively used by visual artists, but by writers and interior designers as well.

So if you are currently planning on purchasing a home in North Perth or an apartment unit in New York City, you might want to check out these minimalist tips you can use for your new home.

Use a restrained colour palette

Some people would limit you to the Oreo colours (black and white), but just as long as the shade remains neutral, you can use any shade you want. Choose from various pastel colours, barely there greys, or a combination of one light colour and one darker shade. For instance, you can pair a grey colour palette with blue-grey and a much darker shade of blue.

Replace walls with a curtain or a sliding door

In an effort to make your house look bigger, before you start reducing the number of furniture, one of the best techniques is replacing walls with a sliding door or a curtain. You can just open them up when you have invited guests so that the space looks bigger than it is.

Remove any furnishing that is too ornate

There should be a focal point, a designated place your eyes automatically goes to when you enter the room. For this to happen, you have to declutter and edit. Only choose items that are essential to the room, but also complements that colours that you have chosen. Editing also includes making use of lines and simple shapes. Find objects and furnitures that feature clearly defined lines, curves and flat surfaces.

Make use of texture

You might think that flats, lines, and neutral colours will already make your room look boring, but you can break the discerned monotony with texture. So use fur, wool, chandeliers, potted plants, and textiles as you see fit. Again, keep the colours you have chosen in mind.

Let in natural light

Another technique to make a room look bigger is to let in as much natural light as you can. Bare windows overlooking the city, a garden, or the neighbourhood makes a whole lot of difference to the vibe of the room.

However, that does not mean you should not have curtains or blinds. When the light makes the room too hot, you can use the thinnest curtains to close dim the light a couple of notches. And at night, so that privacy is not an issue, you can use the heaviest layer of your curtains to cover the windows.

Once you started decorating and living in a minimalist-styled room, you will definitely forget about those intricately designed furnishings and most of your unnecessary furniture. Minimalism is indeed more than just a trend, it is a welcome lifestyle.

Joycy is a fan of minimalism and tries to apply it in everything especially if it concerns the environment. When she is not writing, she is with her son and dogs roaming around parks and malls.

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