Modern Crochet Ideas to Use in Your Home

Crochet work is very pleasant for the eye to look at. With so many lovely colors to work with, you can change boring items in your house to a more appealing and lively look with crochet. From pillow to crochet rug, you can make your home vibrant with crochet pieces.

There are plenty of crochet ideas and projects you can undertake. Or you can buy pretty crochet items from a store. They also make lovely and practical gifts for friends and family. People like crochet items because of the colors, because they have a daintiness to them, and because they have a unique look.

Crochet isn’t just about things for babies, which it is often known for. And while we love adorable crochet items for babies, people also make jewellery and other accessories from crochet, such as bags or house socks.Threads used in crochet can be soft enough for a baby or tough enough for a rug, so there are different choices for the threads used.

We’re going to give you some inspiring ideas of crochet items that can be used to accent your home:

Rugs: Crochet rugs will certainly be a lovely addition to any room. They come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. You can choose vibrant colors if the rest of your furniture is somewhat bland. It will immediately add life to the room. Or you can go more subtle, if you want.

Mats: Both bathrooms and kitchens need more warmth to them and a good start is a crochet mat. They’re super soft and warm!

Toilet cover: An old toilet cover doesn’t have to be thrown out just because it’s not looking its best. You can cover it with a crochet design. A whole set with mats will make an old bathroom look newer.

Kitchen towels: Instead of a drab old towel, crochet makes for nice kitchen towels that you can get in an assortment of colors.

Guest towels: When guests are around, you want every room in your house to look its best. Small crochet towels for guests are cute. Place a bunch of them in a nice crochet basket and it will add a unique touch to the bathroom.

Coasters: Practical and pretty, coasters can be used in every room. They’re practical because they protect your tables, especially wooden tables from bottom of cup or glass rings, which sometimes can leave a permanent mark.

Cushions: Who doesn’t like a warm cushion to cuddle with when you’re alone? There are an abundance of patterns, designs, and shapes to choose from.

Throws: If your couch is old and the material is a bit worn, nothing covers it better than a throw. No fuss and no fittings, just throw the crochet throw onto your couch or chair, and voila! Instantly new looking!

Mug cover: A mug is a mug, but when it’s covered from the outside with crochet, it becomes a bit more special and detailed. You’re sure to get compliments about it from your coffee drinking friends.

Bin cover: Small garbage bins around the house can always use a new make-over. Instead of buying new ones, you can still use your old ones covered from the outside with crochet.

Quilts: The bedroom is a marvellous place for crochet items because everyone wants a cozy and comfy bedroom. Crochet quilts are a popular choice for lots of people. With literally thousands of designs to choose from, you will definitely find more than a few that you’ll love.

Tablecloths: You can give tables a vintage look with lace style crochet tablecloths. This gives a classy, elegant look to a dining room. Crochet tablecloths come in all sizes and shapes. For a more modern look, you might fancy a brightly-colored tablecloth with vibrant tones.

Chair socks: Our floors always get scratched from moving and dragging chairs around. But did you know that you can get crochet socks for chair legs? They’re so adorable! And they will protect wooden and all types of floors from ugly scratches.

Lamp shades: Lampshades always look unique when crochet-made. Besides the actual shade, the bases can also be covered with crochet. A crochet lamp shade also gives softer lighting for more quite nights at home.

Curtains: Instead of using sheer material for curtains, try using crochet style. You can find them as thick or as thin as you would like them. Curtains don’t always have to be used for windows. You can use a crochet style curtain to partition areas in your home, as in the entrance of a hallway. Where regular curtains won’t work, a stylish crochet one will.

All types of covers: Anything you want to cover can be covered with a delightful crochet design. Instead of a plain old tissue box placed on a table, why not use a crochet covering for the box? Boxes, jars, containers, toy chests, plant pots and more can all be covered with modern designs of crochet.

Macrame: Speaking of plant pots, people love hanging plants that are put in macramé, which is a type of knotting used to hold hanging items. Crochet is one of the crafts that can use macramé knotting.

Wall hangings: Wall hangings are a very pretty decor to cover unused space on your walls. Again, they can be as large or as small as you want. You can use several designs for small wall hangings, or one big design for a large one. It can be picture-like and depict things like flowers, leaves, or animals or you might want to go for a more modern edge with an abstract design.

Item organizer: We often have things strewed around with no place for them. Remotes, keys, pens and pencils and the likes cause a room to look messy and dishevelled. A practical crochet made organizer with pockets is pretty and useful to collect loose items in one place.

Crochet never gets old….

The list never really ends on what you can do with crochet items for a nicer and more modern looking house. Crochet has been around for ages and for good reason; it has a classy feel and look to it that you simply can never go wrong with in any era and the options are endless from which you can choose.

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