Minimizing Excess To Maximize Enjoyment

Reality And Consequences

There are a lot of things in a home that will require some level of maintenance. You can’t just buy a house and expect that it will stay functional over the long haul. Entropy is going to break things down.

Whether it’s rats chewing through the wires and forcing you to contact an electrical maintenance professional, or fixing roof damage from a hail storm, you’re going to have to repair and replace things in your home. One of your best bets is to source trustworthy repair professionals.

It’s hard to live in the modern world because, unless you know how to do all the handywork yourself, from the ground-up, you’re going to have to trust someone. Those whom you trust may not necessarily be trustworthy. You may go to a franchised auto care facility for brakes and find mechanics only did half the job only after you get into an accident.

There’s no way to avoid difficult situations like this, but there are ways you can decrease the impact simply through careful consideration and strategic planning. When it comes to your home, strategically plan so you don’t get yourself in over your head.

Luxuries And Consequences

For example, it’s fine to have a hot tub, but it’s going to end up being more of a chore than you bargained for unless you outsource its maintenance to a cleaning service. This means your hot tub has an initial cost, and a continuing cost after that. Cutting down on the continuing cost means getting into the nuts and bolts of the tub. Or, you could just go the minimalist route and not get a hot tub.

Look at your living space. How cluttered is it? Do you need more than a few chairs, an entertainment center, and a coffee table? Do you need lamps, hanging plants, posters, pictures, glittery accoutrements on the ceiling, designer carpets, and decorative table ornaments? No. They’re nice, but you don’t necessarily need them.

Here’s the thing: if you keep a bunch of nice things you don’t need, they succumb to entropy over time, and eventually—unless you’re always upkeeping them—they don’t look as nice. Your things end up owning you. This is another argument for minimalist lifestyle choices.

Sympathetic Support Organizations

But regardless of how minimal your home management is, you’re going to need professional service providers at some point in all likelihood. So you’ve got to be careful to source the right kind. Take plumbing, for example.

PlumbingFix is an organization worth considering as you search for plumbing solutions; according to their website: “PlumbingFix refers local and professional plumbers that you can trust. We specialize in both residential and commercial plumbing systems and are the number one referral service in your area.” Multiple disciplines—residential and commercial—silhouetted in referral paint a trustworthy portrait. You’re looking for a similar situation in regard to the fallout from a plumbing emergency. Restoration Elite understands how stressful this can be.

With all these things in mind, provided you’re careful in your choice of maintenance vendors, and you diminish the complication involved in maintaining your household, you can truly enjoy the fruits of your labor with minimal maintenance effort. So look into reliable solutions, and perhaps consider eliminating the clutter of your home.

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