Minimalist Living Goes Beyond Décor – Doing More with Less

In recent years, the concept of minimalist living has become quite a trend. Not only are homeowners designing or redesigning their homes to reduce clutter, they are also looking for ways to cut back on everything from the amount of money they spend to the number of times they start their fuel efficient vehicles. Minimalist living has taken on new meaning, especially for millennials, and it now goes well beyond décor. If you are looking to simplify your life, you should know that you really can do more with less! Check out the following ideas.

Decluttering the Homestead

Getting rid of all that clutter isn’t confined to reducing the number of furnishings within the home. Sometimes the very way in which we live is a form of clutter as well! We are so busy running here and there that our lives become one cluttered moment after another. Take a step back from all that and take a good long look at why you do the things you do. Sometimes you will find that by understanding your need to constantly be on the go, you will find ways to rid your home of all the trappings that is keeping it cluttered. You might even learn to do more for yourself in the process!

Minimalizing Your Expenses

If you are truly bent on reducing clutter, one thing you might want to do is get rid of a few of those bills that come in the mail every day. All those services you pay for? You can probably do without at least 75% of them! Learn to change your own oil in your car, learn to repair rips in your own clothing and even check out how to do some deep cleaning chores yourself without calling in the pros. You can read a few carpet cleaner machines reviews, for example, pick one that suits your budget and say goodbye forever to the cleaning service you’ve been paying for two to three times a year. The more you can do for yourself, the less life will cost. That’s a given.

Downsizing at Its Best

Perhaps the trend towards minimalist living is what has set the tiny home trend in motion. More and more people are looking at ridding themselves of those huge homes that cost a small fortune to heat in the winter and cool in the summer and are opting for a tiny home that has everything you need, just in compact form. You should be looking beyond a reduction in size but rather be centering on a reduction of all those ‘things’ you rarely use.

Minimalist living goes well beyond décor. While it is currently a trend in home design, it is also becoming a popular lifestyle for the not-so-rich and the not-so-famous. By learning to do more with less now, you can count on having more for that proverbial rainy day that is sure to hit at some point in the future. In the end, you could almost say that minimalist living is insurance in your future.

Lucy Parks has been working in the fashion industry for six years. A dedicated follower of all things fashion and beauty, she is passionate about new industry developments. Lucy is now a full time freelance fashion writer.

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