Minimalist Ideas to Make a Home More Appealing to Buyers

Unless you live in an area where buyers are snapping up available properties before they are even officially on the market, it can take weeks to sell a home. Most properties are on the market for around 6 weeks before a buyer comes along, but if your home is less than impressive, it could easily take you months to find a willing buyer. Plumbing problems can be irritating for the buyer. You need to solve all the plumbing problems before the buyer visits your home. If you want to avoid plumbing problems, then you can follow these tips that plumbers wish you knew.

There are many ways to make a home more attractive to buyers, but in this article, we are going to examine some minimalist tips anyone can try. You don’t need extensive DIY experience to have a go at the following projects, but if you have more serious repairs on your to-do list, for example, a non-functioning garage door, call in a professional like the Garage Door Company. If not, read on for some projects to try.

Declutter Your Home

Clutter is the enemy of minimalism, so the first thing you need to do is declutter your home. Since you are going to have to pack up everything you own anyway, make a start now. Buy some crates and begin packing up your ornaments and miscellaneous bits and pieces. Remove anything you don’t need and leave only a few tasteful ornaments and carefully chosen books. If you discover a few items that you don’t like anymore, sell them on eBay and make some extra cash to fund your home move.

It is also a good idea to remove extra items of furniture, and thoroughly clean the furniture you keep in the house. You don’t have to get rid of pieces permanently you don’t need; instead, store them in a lockup or in a friend’s garage. The aim is to create clean, uncluttered rooms that maximize available space. By the time you have finished your decluttering exercise, rooms should feel spacious, light and airy.

Whitewash the Walls

Are you a big fan of bold colors and brazen prints? This is great, as it shows off your personality wonderfully, but for a prospective buyer, bold colors and bright prints are off-putting. The best way to attract buyers is to keep it neutral. This makes it easier for a prospective buyer to imagine their furniture and treasured possessions in your home. It is rather like offering them a blank canvas.

The easiest way to do this is to paint rooms white. Buy in a few gallons of white paint and spend a weekend painting walls and woodwork brilliant white. Your home will feel fresh and welcoming.

Minimalize the Garden

Many buyers prefer easy-care gardens and yards, as they don’t have time to spend cultivating plants and shrubs or mowing the lawn. As a result, they look for homes with gardens that require virtually no maintenance.

You can capitalize on this by replacing a weed-infested lawn with timber decking or paving stones. Add a few hardy shrubs in tubs and install a hanging basket or two if you want extra color. A small table and chairs, along with some pretty string lights will add instant appeal to a minimalist garden and create the impression that this space is perfect for outdoor entertaining.

However, if you always want to have a garden that is in excellent and precise condition, you need to ensure that you’re not having a termite problem happening underground since this can severely affect the minimalist style you’re striving for. Call in a professional pest provider to conduct a thorough termite inspection and get the results you deserve!

Do you have any more tips? Let us know in the comments.

Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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