Minimalist Home Improvements That Can Make the Difference

Whether you are looking for minor home improvements that can set your house apart from others, or you want to completely renovate your home within the minimalist style, there are many changes that you can make to create the simplistic and modern space that you are looking for. This guide takes you through everything that you need to know about making a difference to your property through home improvements.

Replace Your Roof

Although it can be easy to focus on your property’s interior when you are looking to renovate your home in the minimalist fashion, your exterior is just as important to create the ultimate modern effect. When you are looking for inspiration, one of the best ways that you can make your exterior minimalist is to get rid of the intricately detailed statement roofing that was popular in the past. You should replace this with a simple modern alternative instead. By getting a roof replacement, you will be able to have control over the type of roof you are looking for, with many minimalists choosing flat roofs to adorn their homes.

Let in the Light

Many people are looking to make their home minimalist in order to create a bright and spacious area in which to live, and this can be seriously impacted by a lack of lighting. In that case, you should consider installing floor to ceiling windows that can allow your rooms to be filled with natural lighting and which can make your minimalist designs shine. You may also want to dress these windows with simple fixtures, such as blinds and shutters, rather than material draperies and curtains. 

Finish Your Walls

One of the best ways you can make the interior and exterior walls of your home cohesive is to finish them correctly. Although most homeowners look to adorn their rooms and walls with detailed cornices and textured cladding, you should make sure that you are able to choose simple options that can create visual interest without taking the viewer’s attention away from other aspects of your home.

Paint Your Walls

Painting your interior and exterior walls is vital if you are currently working on transforming your home. As well as being one of the easiest ways to change the appearance of your property, painting your walls will allow you to choose a basic color scheme that can offset your furniture and even your garden space. You should scrap the fancy wallpapers and bright colors of 20thcentury homes, too. Instead, you should opt for neutrals or pastel colors, using the same palette throughout your house and even on your exterior walls. 

Choose the Right Flooring 

You might also consider improving your flooring and replacing your carpets, which can make your rooms look smaller. As an alternative, you should opt for tiling and hardwood flooring in all your rooms, and stick to the same floors throughout your home. You also need to choose the right paving for the exterior of your home, with simple stone and concrete solutions being the best options.

Curate Your Garden

As well as minor improvements within your home, you can also make minimalist improvements to your garden that can make all the difference. For instance, you should make sure there is symmetry with paths, that your flowerbeds are defined and well-maintained, and that you can create definitions within all of your areas. You should also minimize the amount of grass in your garden and replace this with decking and tiles.

Alec Neufeld’s extensive background in the construction trade fuels his passion for alternative energy and green building methods. A retired builder, he now enjoys a freelance writing career, alongside helping people as a general contractor. 

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