Creating a Minimalist Design in Your New Office

Opening up a new business, company, or franchise is an exciting time in one’s life and it’s filled with all kinds of challenges, responsibilities, and worries. A lot goes into the planning stages, the financial aspect, and staffing of the company. One area that often falls to the wayside is the design of the office space, which is unfortunate since it can help to set the tone and atmosphere.

So, before you write off the design and décor as unnecessary in your new workspace, you may want to read on to discover just how easy it is to take a minimalist approach that looks professional, inviting, and helps to create a positive working environment.

Neutralize the Walls

The first thing you’ll need to do in order to create a minimalist look that is clean, modern, and inviting, is to neutralize the walls. Picking a neutral pale color such as gray, taupe, green, or blue can help to create a sense of calmness in an otherwise hectic workspace.

Let’s say for example you’ve just opened up one of the busy pest control franchises that are in demand across the country. Chances are, your staff will be busy fielding non-stop calls, looking after all the administrative details, and dispatching the service technicians. That’s a whole lot of bustle going on at once. Neutralizing the space can do a lot for the overall mood in the room and help to keep things calm.

Artwork Helps Set the Tone

While it’s easy to slap a bunch of paint on the wall, if you truly want to take things to the next level you’re going to have to hang some artwork. No, this doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune on original prints. What it does mean is that you’ve got to be open-minded and creative as you look for those perfect pieces.

Ideally you want to look for paintings and pictures that tie into the wall color that you’ve chosen so that you create flow and a cohesive space. Besides paintings and pictures, sculptures and geometric forms are also very common pieces when creating a minimalist look.

Stay True to the Design with the Furniture Choices

The last step you’ll want to take involves the furniture you pick for your office space. Rather than going with the traditional type of work desks and workspaces, why not pick pieces that scream minimalism? Look for desks that feel more like sculptures in that they have clean lines, are simple, and not bulky in any way.

Even the way you place the furniture and create people’s work spaces can help aid in the overall design. By the time you finish you’ll have something very non-traditional when it comes to a workspace, which can be pretty exciting for employees and customers/clients.

While the minimalist look in the office can do a lot for productivity and team morale, it can also help you to stand out from the competition.  There’s no reason not to try it.

Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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