Minimalist Design Considerations for Your New Home

Minimalist design isn’t just for the interior of a home. If you’re building a custom home and you want your home to have to have minimalist exterior design as well as interior design there are some innovative new products for the exterior of the home that will give your home the functionality that you want with a sleek and elegant minimal design.

One of the biggest problems in designing a minimal style home has been getting the functionality that you need while still maintaining a sense of serenity and sanctuary from the outside world. With the right design you can have the minimal home that you’ve always wanted that will function well and still be warm and comfortable.

Interior Minimalist Design Elements

The interior of a minimalist home can sometimes seem cold without lots of soft fabrics and other items that create a sense of coziness. But a great way to solve that problem without sacrificing the minimal look that you love is to use wood accents. Plywood cabinets add some natural color and warmth to big open minimalist kitchens that can seem a little industrial. Wood paneling on kitchen islands and countertops can make the kitchen a lot more inviting. And wood paneling can also be used to create built in seating for dining nooks, or accent walls that will create a beautiful rustic look in living areas and bedrooms.

Plywood panels and sheets can even be used to create eye catching shelving units that are functional as well as decorative. Modern style paneled walls using light finished plywood instead of dark old fashioned wood paneling is very much on trend and is being featured heavily on Instagram and Pinterest. Wood paneling is a great way to get the warmth of paneling with a modern and minimal style that looks current instead of looking like something leftover from the 70s.

Daring homeowners can even try a little DIY with wood plywood and use it to create minimalist headboards for beds or even minimalist furniture. There are lots of tutorials that you can find online that will show you how to create stunning minimal style furniture pieces like chairs, tables and even lamps from gorgeous plywood sheets with natural colors that will add a rustic warmth to your interior décor.

Exterior Minimalist Design Elements

When it comes to creating a minimal look on the exterior of a house there are many new products that are low maintenance and have a great minimal design aesthetic. If you hate the look of vinyl siding you should consider an exterior masonry finish with insulated concrete blocks. Insulated concrete is long wearing, durable, maintenance free, and it’s the perfect finish for a minimalist look. Stucco and thin stone veneers are a great choice for homes that are in hot and sunny climates because they won’t fade or warp due to the weather and they will help keep the interior of the home cool. But homes with masonry exteriors should always have a house wrap done to help insulate the home and protect it from the elements.

Another interesting minimal design element that can give the exterior of a home increased functionality and a great look are laminated roof shingles. Minimalist roof shingles add some color and interest to the roof of your home without ruining the minimal look that you want. And these modern roofing shingles are built to withstand extreme weather, which is becoming more important than ever before. Low maintenance laminated roofing shingles are also eco-friendly which is important to a lot of homeowners.

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