Minimalism in Architecture Research: How to Craft an Academic Paper

Minimalism in architecture is a thriving trend and professors in colleges and universities are well aware of it. If you’ve received an assignment to write a stellar research on minimalism in architecture, these expert tips on content may come in handy.

Add a Touch of History Matters

Experts from academic writing services advise adding some historical details when writing an essay or research paper on architecture because architecture is genuinely linked with history.

From the middle of the nineteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth century, historicism was the dominant style in architecture. The buildings were built in the style of past eras, such as Gothic, Baroque and Classicism, as well as any combination thereof. The buildings erected at that time were characterized by richly decorated facades and stucco molding, outstanding windows, and balconies. The interiors were expensive and monumental.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, architects tried to break with traditions, looking for a fresh look and new ideas. Functionality and utility were brought to the fore. They were supposed to determine the shape of the building, its structure, and type of building materials. Any unnecessary excesses of the decor were rejected in accordance with the words of Adolf Loos that “ornament is a crime.”

One of the founders of this trend was the American-German architect Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe, who proclaimed the main slogan of this trend in architecture. His famous “less means more” became the principle of architectural minimalism. Leave only the most necessary, but the best; content with little, but pay close attention to the quality of materials.

Shapes, Colors, Light

When writing a research paper on minimalism in architecture you should pay extra attention to its main components: Shapes, colors and light.

  • Shapes. The main shapes that are used are a circle, a rectangle, straight vertical or horizontal lines, diagonal is used very rarely. Soft bends are allowed, but not spirals.
  • Colors. Their number should be minimal. The basic colors that are used in construction are neutral, light shades of natural materials. Designers often use white, shades of gray and brown. Black underlines the geometric shape. Recently shades of green and yellow are gaining popularity.
  • Light. Light is central to minimalism architecture. It gives heat and volume to objects. It makes no sense to rely on the texture of materials, if the light sources are located incorrectly. Because of this, the nobility of plaster or the texture of wood can simply go unnoticed. And also it is necessary to pay attention to natural light, so in the houses of minimalism style large windows are installed, which let in a lot of daylight into the room. The number of interior partitions is reduced for the same reason.

Don’t forget about celebrities. There are celebrities in minimalism, and you should address their experience and views when writing a paper on minimalism in architecture.

Functionality Matters

The creators of this trend prefer to leave only the most necessary, only the best. The root of the idea of this style lies in the attention to the quality of materials and well-thought-out ergonomics.

Each element of the building in a minimalist style performs several functions – for example, the radiator is replaced with underfloor heating. The very essence of the style involves the use of the most modern technologies in construction and the development of materials for buildings from recycled materials – for example, recycled concrete chips for the floor.

The materials used to create the object in a minimalist style are, in most cases, natural, particular preference is given to stone, marble, wood, glass, and the favorite metal is chrome steel. Due to its features, minimalism also harmoniously combines with green lawns and built-in solar panels on the roof.

Speaking about the roof, it is also worth noting that the hallmark of houses in the style of minimalism is a flat roof. In addition, such dwellings often have rectangular shapes and unusually wide glazing areas. In the design of the premises, too, preference is given to simple geometric shapes and clear volumes. A noteworthy detail is the tendency to use similar forms within the same object.

If you don’t feel like you can deal with writing this paper at the highest level of quality before the deadline, it may be a wise decision to hire a professional research paper writer to help you out.

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