Minimal Desk

So, I’ve recently been looking to upgrade my simple IKEA desk to something more practical. While I still haven’t pulled the trigger on any one of them, I thought it be nice to share my top 5 findings.

Platform by Output

Designed for the creative home. Platform is a stunning studio desk that hides all of your cables, places your computer display at a healthy height, and includes storage for all your important tools. With a modern, minimal aesthetic and thoughtful, functional details, Platform helps you stay organized so you can enjoy your workflow. Find out more.

Home Studio Desk by Ricardo Seola

Find out more.

Work Table by Miguel De La Garza

Grade A pine lumber workspace designed and built based 100% on functionality and low cost in mind. It’s design was based on lumber standard sizes to reduce cost. It features a standard-size pine plywood surface of 6 ft. by 8 ft. that allows up to 6 people working at the same time with 8 sockets for an accessible connection in the center of the table. It also features an open area below the table for an easy storage. Find out more.

StudioDesk by Blue Lounge

StudioDesk is a table style desk that stores cable clutter, adapters and other unsightly messes beneath the desktop to maintain a pristine workspace. Find out more.

Evo Desk

No matter where it is, it’s your home base. You’re busy, lots to do. But you always come back to your desk, because it’s your space. Designed by you, made by us, it’s timeless, it’s today. It’s your Evodesk. Explore all the ways to make Evodesk your desk today. Find out more.

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