Microsoft Logo ~ Love It Or Hate It, You’re Talking about It

While it feels as if the entire world is up in arms at the moment following the unveiling of the new Microsoft logo which happens to be its first redesign in about 25 years. Feelings are mixed and some Apple fanboys are complaining how awful it is while the Windows freaks are falling head over heals in love with it. That is the problem with with opinions, everybody has one.


Here’s what I think. The execution is massively basic, four coloured squares accompanied by their corporate font for the logotype ‘Segoe’ which is used all over their products too. You’d be forgiven for thinking that you, or your kids, could have come up with the same logo if not similar. Heck, you’re probably right, but I think that is exactly the point. The design is so simple, so minimal its almost pure yet it retains a certain amount of innocence that I think Microsoft wishes to bring out in their brand in the emerging months with the anticipated release of all their new and updated products. I won’t lie, at first I was appalled at how primitive I thought the design is.

That was until I watched their launch video for the new brand and the various other products they have branded in the new minimal style. Now I don’t necessarily love each of the individual product logos, I’ll go as far as to say that I don’t like the Windows logo but I do love the Office logo (the Xbox logo I don’t care) but when you when you put put them all together and you see how magnificently simple the whole brand is becoming and how perfectly everything is starting to fit together in this new “Metro” style.


Ultimately the biggest thing to consider for Microsoft was that they are huge, everyone in the world has pretty much used or been in contact with at least one of their products. Starving kids in Africa aside, the logo really needs to be universal in the truest sense of the word. The company is an umbrella brand for all of their products and it needs to reflect this without being too convoluted or snazzy. Their logo may not be the flashiest around but it works and I have a strong feeling that it is going to stand the test of time. A logo is never about what it looks like, its about how it is used and applied, look at Nike for an example.


~ The Branding Debacle by Michael Pons

Now I do feel that the logo is uninspiring, and you might agree that it is almost boring but two things are for sure is that you will remember it and it works. They have taken simple and made it basic, hopefully their products will do the same. I have no doubt in my mind that Microsoft are going to kick ass with making the brand and logo work. They really have stepped up their game of late, and much like the Google complete redesign overhaul, Microsoft are getting back to looking sexy again. So to sum up how I feel about the new Microsoft logo in one word, I would have to say “safe.”

Derek Clark

Oh and here is a look at what some other companies logos would look like if they went the same route as Microsoft:


More fun being poked here.

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