Magnus ~ The Handcrafted Stand For High-end Workspaces

Well, I have just recently purchased my first iPad, rather late to the party I know. To be completely honest I never really saw the point of bridging the gap between mobile and laptops. I am still on the fence about the tablet market as I do not truly believe it solves and immediate problems that didn’t exist before, but rather introduce new ones.

Having said that though I absolutely love the A5 chunk of technology I spent too much money on just to test apps… Enough about that, the Magnus is ridiculously cool. It is not an Apple product, but certainly acts and behaves like one. Without trying to sound like the biggest fanboy in the Southern Hemisphere I do most certainly need this in my life. Actually I am going to order it right now.


We have just finished making a dandy of an iPad stand. Sure, it’s incredibly secure and has magnets and all that cool stuff, but let’s be honest here – we’re only selling it because it looks super hot.


This isn’t one of those portable travel stands. Leave it on your desk, ok?


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