Mab is an autonomous cleaning system by super-talented industrial design student, Adrian Perez Zapata. The amazing concept design consists of a self-governing core that houses a fleet of 908 mini-robots that are sent out to scan the area and determine which rooms need custom cleanings.

The micro-bots are energy efficient and upon returning with information they feed the core with energy via the solar power captured in their wings. Once the fleet returns, the core begins to tabulate the information brought back. It then performs multiple tasks including mixing the water with an additive that gives higher surface tension as well as a pleasant odor; receiving contaminated droplets, filtering them to remove the dirt from the water and thus saving the highest percentage possible.

Time is of the essence in everyday life. Every minute of every hour is accounted for and most of that time is taken up working hard to make ends meet. Just knowing that cleaning is taken care of is a weight off the mind, a gift that frees up time to do something you’d much rather be doing than cleaning.

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