LOCI Brand Identity

LOCI is an architectural and design studio from Dubai that was in need of a rebranding. They commissioned for brands to do the job, and the result is simplicity at its finest, featuring a dual colour palette of orange and white with minimalist typography and icons.

Make sure to check out the video below!


Our task was to develop a new brand identity starting from the logo. We designed a simple and dynamic sign which expands its basic form to perspective. It was important that the sign was both ‘fixed’ and ‘flexible’. The brand communication was built upon the strong orange colour and the adaptation of logo, appearing different on each surface.


The new logo & its living form inspired us to go even further. Together with our friend Artur Szymczak we created a logo lighting visualization. The short animation movie was designed as an introduction at a event organized by LOCI to present their new brand, and the still images found their place as desktop wallpapers.

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