Locale Office

The Locale Office by Industrial Facility for Herman Miller is an open-plan environment that can easily adapt from an individual work space to a more open and collaborative environment.

The smooth, curved lines add to the open feel of the office and the central structure features cantilevered surfaces that can be adjusted in height. The workstations are mobile and can be adjusted for any kind of situation a modern office might present.

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The offices we visited during our research—places where people want to work – are open-plan, transparent, and buzzing. ‘Locale’ brings different parts of the office in proximity so you shouldn’t have to go away to talk to a colleague in a more conducive setting.


Instead, you can raise a table, stand, and discuss, or move nearby to sit at a low chair and table in front of a mobile whiteboard – you don’t have to move to completely separate spaces to accommodate varied work styles. To maintain highly qualified, talented workers, companies need to provide space that better connects them to each other and brings more promise to the open plan.


‘Locale’ makes working together more productive and pleasurable by intelligently organizing the office into social clusters that allow for free movement, variety, and adjustability.


‘Locale’ took over two years to develop with more than 40 engineers. During this time, the conditions of work in terms of atmosphere and attitude have shifted, so it was important that we leapfrog any old conceptions of the modern office and design a new place based on our understanding of the current social and cultural changes.

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