LIT Flash wants to help you create mobile photos like never before.

If you want to start with flash photography today you need to invest first in a traditional camera system and learn how to use it! With the excellent cameras already built into our phones, this seems like an unneeded step for the casual photographer.

LIT Flash is a powerful Xenon flash that wants you to enjoy all the superpowers that the big DSLRs seem to have. This first truly intelligent Xenon Flash for smartphone photography wants to make your most loyal camera also your ultimate one!

LIT Flash comes with it’s own app that makes flash photography super easy. So far the following features have been announced for the app:

  • ONE BUTTON EXPERIENCE: Full automatic mode, hassle-free (TTL metering with pre-flash).
  •  CREATIVE MODES: Portrait, product, night, light painting, bokeh, … For perfect outcome and your creative control in specific situations.
  •  FULL MANUAL CONTROL: Your total control over ISO, Shutter Time and Flash power.

Lit Flash is now available through their Kickstarter campaign, so if you are looking to up your mobile photography game, pledge your support for LIT Flash here!

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