La Telephone

Staying connected to one another in our oftentimes overwhelming and chaotic lives can be tough, but sometimes something as simple and unassuming as a small strand of telephone wire is enough.

Justin Mezzell‘s La Telephone illustrates two large urban buildings connected to each other by a thin telephone wire. It communicates how relationships are forged between us in environments often perceived as “cold or inhuman” and how they can blossom amidst the hustle of our everyday lives in the city.


La Telephone is an experiment in opposition. I wanted to illustrate an environment wherein human connections are made through various scenes that may have otherwise been perceived as cold or inhuman.


The idea that we can remain connected to one another in this oftentimes overwhelming life by such small, beautiful strands. I loved thinking about these stone buildings being somehow held together by a simple, almost anachronistic string-and-can telephone.

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