Kitchen Countertop Trends

One of the pieces that can give your kitchen a great look and make it a model for people who want to have a great kitchen, too, is your kitchen countertop. Kitchen countertops have evolved over the years, and each evolution has left us in the “A-ha” state.

In most homes, most of the activities in the kitchen are done on kitchen countertops, but even more, it sets the tone and ambience of the kitchen. Therefore, the kind of material, style and finishing you use for your countertop matters a lot. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the latest kitchen countertop trends, so you won’t be left out while your friends and family are already adopting some of the best kitchen countertop trends.

1. Environment-Friendly Composite Kitchen Countertops

You appreciate cleanliness, and I know, but do you know that clean surfaces may still contain lots of germs? These kinds of countertops can, however, relieve you of the burden of using antiseptics to clean all the time. 

They are made of fly ash and other useful recycled materials like paper, and they are quite resistant to stain as well as to the growth of microorganisms, especially bacteria. They are also resistant to heat and scratch, so that you have a countertop that’s not only shiny and neat, but is also germ-free.

2. Terrazzo Kitchen Countertops 

Marble is great; glass is great; and granite also makes a good countertop, but what do you think about a combination of the three? Yeah, that’s terrazzo. 

The combination of three awesome kitchen countertop tile materials makes terrazzo a big deal when it comes to its aesthetic properties.

But even more, it inspires so much creativity and variety in kitchen countertop designers, so you can be sure of having one of the best kitchen countertop designs.

3. Wood Kitchen Countertops

Did you ever think about wood kitchen countertops? Reclaimed wood is eco-friendly and can guarantee you a great deal of sustainability. Perhaps you’re thinking it may not be aesthetically appealing, you can’t be more wrong!

4. Quartz Kitchen Countertop

For some obvious reasons, quartz remains a major material used in the design of kitchen countertops. It was top in 2018, and even till date, it still finds a way to rank among the best countertop materials. 

Maybe one of its greatest selling point is its characteristic non-porous surface, unlike granite which can easily stain because it is porous. Moreover, quartz is very durable and customizable into different colors and designs. 

5. Minimalist Kitchen Countertop with Integrated Sink

Are you a minimalist and have been quite disinclined from all the kitchen countertop design trends we’ve been mentioning so far? Here’s one for you! 

This design is not only simple or naturally beautiful, but the integrated sink made of the same material and color as the countertop makes all the difference.

Since most minimalists love mother nature, it isn’t a bad idea to decorate with beautiful flowers of your choosing.

6. High-Contrast Surfaces Countertops

The same way you have to double your contrast on your phone or computer to enhance the visual quality, is how high-contrast surfaces countertops work. 

They brighten and liven up the kitchen and keep bringing your attention to it over and again. They can be made of marble, quartz, or other tile materials, but what makes them unique is the way they are designed. 

7. Granite Kitchen Countertops 

Granite kitchen countertops are great and, in fact, have been trending for decades. They are still in use in many homes today, though with a slight disadvantage of having a porous surface that makes them stain easily.

Granite is affordable, easily customizable, and durable too. Though, quartz seems to be an improvement on what granite lacks, but it is more expensive.

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