Keeping Your Home Neat and Tidy

Keeping your home neat and tidy is influenced by your daily routine. From the first moment you wake up to when you close your eyes and fall asleep, you are solely responsible for keeping your surroundings neat and tidy. Keeping order amongst your home and belongings is a result of an organizational system where you put everything away. Not only will you feel good about yourself when your home is clutter-free, but you’ll soon realize that it drastically improves your productivity. Here are examples of keeping your home tidy no matter what time or day of the week it is.

Morning routine

Not everyone is a morning person, so it’s important to have a system when it comes to your morning routine. Your system will make everything run smoothly, especially before your morning caffeine boost. To start, in the evening, lay out your clothes for the next day near your bed. When you wake up, you won’t need to dig through your closet trying to figure out what to wear.

Another important part of the morning routine is making the bed. Once you are ready to head to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast, make sure you empty the dishwasher. At this point, you’ve finished eating and are ready to head out for the day ahead of you. Know where your coat, keys, wallet, and phone are the morning before you head out. Whether you drive or take public transit, you shouldn’t waste time looking for things. Know where everything is and keep it there as this will ensure you don’t run late for whatever meeting or event awaits you.

Rushing out the door

As life gets hectic, there will be moments where you will close the door behind the clutter and mess of your home. Life gets busy; it happens to everyone! While you may not always have the time to wash your dishes in the morning and put them away, make sure you don’t let your entire morning routine fall apart. If you’re in the Austin Texas area, you can hire the Steam Team to take care of your cleaning needs. A full-service cleaning company, they cover everything from tiles, disaster recovery and everything in between.

Home from work and in the evenings

You’re home from work and want to relax. However, there are a few things that you need to do before you hit the snooze button for the day. The first task is cooking. After you make dinner, similar to breakfast time, clean your dishes and load the dishwasher. Look at your surroundings and clean up any spills and crumbs from the meal you just cooked. Do some research on how to keep your kitchen clean while you cook.

Keeping a clean environment also requires taking out the trash. Collect the garbage around your house in a bag, ready for garbage collection day.

Once you’ve finished your dinner and head to your desk, this is another space of the home you should ensure is always kept clean. Do not let tissues, paper, books, dishes and other things pile up to the point where you no longer see your desk. This extends to clothes – don’t leave clothes on the ground. Have a laundry basket (or two!), so everything is ready for laundry day.

Weekend cleaning

When it comes to weekend cleaning, make a list of chores. Know what cleaning supplies you require and do not let your home become a cave. While you have a chance to relax over the weekend from any weekly stress and anxiety, the weekend is also a good time to catch up on your cleaning.

One of the first weekend chores you should start with is your laundry. Your pile of dirty clothes has become a mountain, so this is a great time to do some laundry. Given your free time on the weekend, you can do some research on the common laundry mistakes to avoid. For one, always separate your white and red clothes to avoid the pink sock mishap. Once you finish your laundry, neatly fold it and put it away in your closet.

Another weekend chore you should not neglect is vacuuming. Do not let dust bunnies accumulate! Grab your vacuum and clean your home of any dust bunnies that have been forming under your furniture. Dust everything off and keep your home bug free as a result.

Trying to keep your house tidy with children around can be really hard, this cleaning company in North London can really help you out.


Keep it simple. An aura of tidiness doesn’t only come from cleaning, but rather from the arrangement of your home furnishings. Simplistic (but classy) décor goes a long way to making a room stylish without feeling like it weighs you down with clutter. When considering the setup of your room, consider the color and mood. Look at a room that is full of knick-knacks and think to yourself what is not necessary. Do you need some inspiration? Look at these 25 sleek living rooms. Having a minimalistic room or home requires time! The best tip is to go through de-cluttering stages ever so often.

Who doesn’t like a tidy home? A clean room keeps stress at bay. Those days of cleaning your room as a kid prepared you for the future. Now, it’s your turn to tell you kids, nieces or nephews to clean their room. Keeping your home in a pristine shape all year round takes some getting used to. Everyone does laundry, but not everyone thinks about all the other ways you can keep your home neat. Everything has a spot and a place where it’s meant to be.

Do not let the mess accumulate over weeks span without cleaning. Only by cleaning on a daily basis can you start to develop good cleaning habits. Remember to put everything away back in its original spot and know where everything goes. This reduces big messes and lets you keep your wits about you for an organizational system. Understand your system in order to keep clean and organized. Avoid procrastination, as it will lead you to a messy lifestyle! The tidier your home is, the more relaxed you will feel when you’re in it.

Alec Neufeld is a retired builder, now freelance writer and part-time general fix it man. He has strong opinions on the use of alternate energy and is also an avid sports enthusiast.

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