How to Keep Your Construction Site Safe for Everyone

Construction industry jobs are among the most high-risk professions with the bulk of all workplace injuries occurring on construction sites. Due to the nature of their work, employees in this industry are more susceptible to various forms of injuries, medical conditions, andan occasional, unfortunate fatal outcome.  That is why the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) classifies this industry as high-risk and has a number of regulations in place to ensure the safety of the workers, as well as the project.

Companies like XperaGroup can help by offering thorough construction audits, but the safety at a construction site largely depends on your employees and their habits. All the workers should act responsibly to prevent possible injuries they or their coworkers might sustain. That is why every worker needs to understand why construction safety checks are crucial and how they can help conduct them.

Perform an Inspection of their Workspace

Every worker should be tasked with performing an inspection of their workspace first thing they get to work. Walk around inspection entails checking their work area and making sure they complete their tasks in a safe, hazard-free environment. You should provide each worker a checklist based on their position, so they can ensure all the safety standards are met. The list should include making sure they and their coworkers are all wearing protective gear like helmets, gogglesor breathing masks; making sure the workspace is clean and with no spills that could cause someone to slip and fall. Additionally, they should make sure the emergency exits are labeled and there’s an evacuation plan in place and displayed prominently. Finally, they should make sure any flammable materials and liquids are properly stored.

Accident Prevention

According to the data shared by OSHA, out of 4693 fatal workplace accidents in 2016, 21.1% occurred in the construction industry. According to the same research, the most common causes of death in the construction industry were falls, followed by being struck by an object, electrocuted and stuck in between (for example between heavy machinery or building materials). These notorious “Fatal Four” accident types are linked to 63.7% of all deaths in the construction industry. By eliminating these risks from the equation, 631 workers could be saved in the US annually.

To ensure these risks are eliminated, workers must be kept informed of the dangers of the “Fatal Four” through regular safety meetings meant to ensure workers follow all the accident prevention procedures. You workers need to comprehend the accident prevention plan in order to fully follow it. You should also educate them on proper emergency behavior and protocols.

Fall Prevention

Every construction site should have a tailored fall prevention plan in place to prevent fall-related injuries and fatalities and make sure workers are following all the safety protocols when working in fall-prone environments. Your workers should review and sign the fall prevention plan before proceeding to the construction site.

Enforcing these Rules

Of course, rules are there to be followed. If your workers neglect all of these quality assurance plans and protocols, not only will they endanger their own health, their actions could have you fined if the OSHA determines you are not following the regulations and requirements.

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