KATRIS Nest Makes Your Cat Happy

Lovingly designed cat products have become much more of the norm, allowing pet owners to say goodbye to those dated, carpet-covered eyesores that have always flooded the market.

Companies like KATRIS take aesthetics into account just as much as how the product performs making any design-focused pet lover very happy. Their latest cat product, KATRIS Nest, offers your feline friend a cozy place to lounge, rub, and scratch.

KATRIS Nest is an all-in-one bowl-shaped bed featuring 100+ vertical panels that not only envelope the cat when resting, they move ever so slightly as your cat rubs against them for a convenient back scratch. Cats are notorious for rubbing themselves against furniture and carpet all while leaving behind a bunch of cat hair. With the Nest, cats are free to rub themselves to their hearts’ content and they can do so without the hairy mess.

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