Kanto TUK Powered Speakers

We love the look of these sleek active wireless speakers, called TUK, by audio brand Kanto! These are bookshelf speakers outfitted with aptX HD Bluetooth are common, but these minimalist models also offer an integrated USB DAC, optical input, line-level RCA and phono inputs, making them a versatile addition to a turntable set-up, or connected wirelessly to a phone, computer, or to a home theater television set-up. Aluminum drivers keep distortion at bay even at higher volumes, so feel free to turn these up.

The clean front face has a few informative details, including dedicated LEDs indicating which input is being used for easy and informative input updates (LEDs can be dimmed or fully turned off, thankfully.) A 3.5mm headphone output on the front is also a welcome addition for anyone who might park a pair of TUKs to the side of their computer setup and want to pair these for more private audio sessions with a pair of favorite headphones.

We love these in their matte black editions, but also like the Stormtrooper vibe the TUK takes on in white. Both versions are available for $800 a pair.

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