Is Wrought Iron as Home Decor Still in Style

It is true that the world of architecture and home decor sees a lot of changes, with new styles emerging in different generations. However, despite the constant change in home decor and architecture, some styles and elements have stayed relevant through the years. One of these decorative elements that have been used for many centuries is wrought iron. Today, it is still in style and can be described as classic home decor which gives the home a vintage look. As a matter of fact, wrought iron has a lot of benefits which makes it a top choice today. Below are some of the benefits of wrought iron decor.

Benefits of Wrought Iron Decor

  • Style: One of the benefits of wrought iron decor is the unique style that it adds to any home. Being a vintage form of decoration, it gives every home a feel of sophistication and elegance. Having been around since the 16th century, the wrought iron decor is a classic decoration in every sense. It also helps that you can choose from a variety of wrought iron designs and shapes to fit the decoration of your home. Wrought iron can be designed to fit a traditional decoration style or customized to fit modern decoration style.
  • ●       Durability:  Another important benefit of wrought iron decor is that they are usually very durable. Wrought iron decor that is properly installed by welding consultants will last for a couple of decades under the right conditions. This is because of the distinctive properties that keep it safe from corrosion and rusting. With proper maintenance, you will have no need to replace your wrought iron decor for many years.
  • Maintenance: Speaking about maintenance, wrought iron decor requires low maintenance. You do not need any special skills or expensive products to keep wrought iron decor in top shape. All that you need to do, is to scrub it regularly with a brush before rinsing it with clean water. You can add a fresh coat of paint every now and then, to change the look.

Wrought Iron Home Decor Designs

There are many designs in the home that can be made using wrought iron. We have highlighted some of them below.

  • Wrought Iron Balustrade: Wrought iron balustrade is a common fixture in a lot of homes. Not only are they durable, but these balustrades also ensure the safety of people in the home. Wrought iron balustrades can be designed with different styles such as:

– Modern futuristic design.

– Victorian design with lacework and twists.

– Classic country-style design.

– Modern design combined with other materials such as timber, stone, or crystals.

  • Wrought Iron Bed frames: Wrought iron bed frames add aesthetic value to a room. They are also quite more reliable than most materials due to their durable nature. A wrought iron bed frame can be taken a French-style design, vintage design, or even a classic scrollwork design.


Other items in the home that can be designed with wrought iron include garden arch, wall art, and door grille.

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