Is OKC Ready for Mosquito Control?

The trees are blossoming, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Spring is here and that is great, we look forward to basking in the heat. But with warm days comes one of human’s greatest enemy: the mosquito. Mosquitos come with rain, so as much as we love wet days for our crops, we know that they come with the tiny and annoying insects that cannot stop buzzing around our ears during warm nights.

But you do not have to suffer from this avalanche of mosquitos anymore. If you are in OKC, there are things you can do to stop them from spreading, biting and annoying you and your entire family. If you want to find out everything about mosquito control and how you keep them away, you should read this article! 

This is a great introduction to mosquito control, where you can find out everything from the type of problems provoked by them, mosquito population, biocontrol, traps and many other methods of keeping them away. 

Keep a close look on standing water

Specialists announce that what you should do – first and foremost – is reduce the number of breeding sites around your home. So, here’s the question you’ve been asking yourself: How and where do mosquitos breed? The female lays eggs on standing water. So, removing their habitats is what will keep them away in the first place. Adults emerge in a total of about 12 days – with them hatching into larvae about 3 days later after they’ve been laid. This is it – it takes less than two weeks for them to create an entire family, so this is why you should act rapidly to stop the spreading. 

Let’s get back to standing water around the house. Rain gutters are great hidden places for mosquitos to lay eggs. So, destroy all of them! Remove the water from buckets, old tires, plastic covers or even toys. Just walk around your garden after heavy rain and hunt for those places. You’ll find dozens. 

Change water regularly

So, rainwater is the type of standing water you want to get rid of. But what about other water sources like your swimming pool? You did not invest so much in it just so you throw away all the water and never use it because of mosquitos. What you can do is treat it regularly and keep it circulating. 

So, the thing is – if you cannot remove, replace! The same goes for fountains, pools or plant trays. Make sure that you keep an eye on those as well and change the water once a week. You can read more on important ways of keeping mosquitos away in this official article of the United States Environmental Protection Agency:

Use outdoor mosquito repellant

So, you did everything you needed to do about changing water. You keep a close look at things and change the water regularly but you still have mosquitos in the yard. You have a great covered chilling place, with outdoor furniture and plants all around where you usually spend the evenings with your family. 

And you are chatting happily until the enemy appears. And we’re not talking about one mosquito, we are talking about dozens. What do you do? Here’s where outdoor mosquito repellant comes it. 

There are yard sprays, personal sprays, lanterns, candles and all other sorts of devices that keep mosquitos away from a certain area. Go for them any time you have a mosquito invasion disturbing your relaxation time! If you need this dealt professionally while in OKC, you can go for Reed Lawncare!

Resort to structural barriers

That’s it about not letting them get you while you are outside. But there is still something you have to do to prevent mosquitos from getting inside your house. Structural barriers are the best at this. Window and door screens? Your best friend! With them, you can keep a window open and make sure that no mosquito gets to you. Make sure there is no hole around your house where they can come in either. 

Yes, mosquitos are annoying and dangerous, but there are things you can do to prevent them from getting to you. Check standing water regularly, use outdoor repellant and don’t let them get inside your house! 

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