Is it a Wise Choice to Place a Clock in Your Bathroom? Crucial Points to Consider

Everyone knows that time is gold! And in this fast-paced world, each minute counts. And for the majority of people, their bathroom is a place where they spend ample time. You can say that you might not realize the amount of time you are spending in the bathroom. And that makes many homeowners wonder if they should add a clock to the bathroom. 

Not every individual might do this, but investing in a bathroom clock can help you keep track of the time when you are in the bathroom. It will make sure that you don’t spend excess time in the bathroom, and you will be able to reach your office on time. That aside, you can also schedule your bathing time and make sure that you stick to that daily. 

Why should you add a clock to your bathroom?

Today, placing a clock in your bedroom or living room is a standard habit. You can extend this practice and add one to your bathroom as well. And other than adding to your bathroom décor and ambiance, a bathroom clock can bring a world of advantages. 

One of the biggest benefits of the bathroom clock is to enable the occupants to track time. You will be better aware of the time that you spend in the bathroom when there is a clock inside it. It will ensure that your children become more aware of their bathing time. It will prevent them from endlessly spending time in the bathroom. 

It will be of benefit for the guests who visit your house. Indeed, they will not take a bath, but when there is a clock inside a bathroom, it will help them look at the time if they need it. 

When you install a bathroom clock, it prevents you from getting late for the office or a meeting if you are working from home. And it’s not unlikely that people tend to get late for important meetings and work, because end up spending excess time in the bathroom. A five-minute shower can sometimes extend up to twenty minutes, and you aren’t aware of it. However, if you have a clock in the bathroom, you will be mindful of the time that you are spending in the bathroom. 

Furthermore, if you happen to share a living space with someone, it will be of good use to have a clock in the bathroom. Chances are, you will be sharing the bathroom space. Hence, each one must keep track of time because either one of you will get late for your work, office, and other important tasks. In fact, it will be fun for you and your roommate to choose a bathroom clock and invest in it together. 

Where should you install the bathroom clock?

It would help if you placed a clock in your bathroom strategically. But most homeowners often wonder about the place in the bathroom where they should keep the clock. The three spots in the bathroom where you can install your clock, are the countertop, the shower space, and the wall. 

If you consider the countertop, it’s a strategic location to place your clock. It is because here you can have ample place close to the sink. If the space is less, it’s always a smart decision to opt-in for a non-bulky and small clock atop the countertop. Make sure that there is space between the clock and other accessories like the soap case or the toothbrush holder. You need to pay heed to color coordination. The clock shouldn’t appear out of place and should sync in with the overall ambiance. 

It’s also a great choice to hang your clock on the wall. In this case, make sure that the bathroom clock is big and thin so that you can read the time from a distance. It’s a good decision to place it right in front of your toilet. In case there is a towel rack, you can keep the bathroom clock above it. However, when you place the clock on the wall, it has better visibility. It can enhance your overall bathroom décor and ambiance

One word of caution is that you shouldn’t ever place the clock behind the bathroom door. That way it might get dislocated and fall off every time people open and close the bathroom room. It’s a smart decision to add a trendy waterproof clock to the shower wall. Ensure that the bathroom clock has a suction cup towards the clock back that will remain in its place. 

Are you thinking about the type of clock that you must place in your bathroom? If yes, then the best option is a battery-operated clock or a waterproof clock. You can come across endless options for both online and can choose the one that caters to your preference and budget capacity. 

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