Installing The Right Doors Can Add Personality To Your House

When it comes to interior design, there might be one important aspect that is often overlooked: the doors. While people spend hours deciding which kind of furniture to pick and what the right wall color is, they forget about one of the largest items in the room.

Doors can come in numerous shapes, materials and colors and replacing your door can change the entire aspect of a room. If you want to make a change, we have prepared a few ways you can adapt your doors.


This is the easiest way to update a simple door. It works especially when it comes to wooden doors

Simply changing the color is not the only thing you can do. Think outside the box and don’t be afraid to take bold choices. You could paint a model on your door, or use two contrasting colors for the two sides of the door. If you have a minimalist room, why not pain your door in a cayenne, teal or wine shade? There are plenty of options, and you get to choose what works for you. 


If you want more light and a modern look, you should definitely give glass doors a chance. They are available in many styles, and they can class up the space. For example, glass French double doors are a timeless option and they can make any room appear elegant. Meanwhile, doors made out of a single large piece of glass create a modern look, and they could be great for an office, for example. If you want more privacy you can always choose frosted glass.

Sliding doors

If you don’t have a lot of space, you might want to consider sliding doors. They are something unique that will create a special effect. There are plenty of styles for them as well. You could choose something sleek or something casual or even rural.


This is not a common choice for doors, and that is a shame. You can definitely revolutionize the aspect of a room by adding leather, vinyl of even fabric to the door. You can play with colors as well. Imagine a deep burgundy or even a bright red. A velvet door will add a lot of style to any space. The nailheads can be used to create a pattern. Finally, upholstering might even have safety advantages. If you use it for your kid’s room, the door will definitely be safer if your little one ever bumps into it.

Add a pattern 

Creating a pattern on your door can be done easily, and you just need some wallpaper. This is one of the cheapest and fastest options out door. Wallpapers are available in many patterns and colors and you just need to pick one that you like.

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