IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speakers

And another cool gadget out of the IKEA universe. The ENEBY 30 Bluetooth speaker is easily paired with your phone you will be surprised by how good this thing sounds even at high volumes. I mean it’s no audiophile speaker, but for the price you get one heck of a good looking / sounding speaker. ENEBY comes in two sizes: ENEBY 30 (12″x12″x4″) for $89 and ENEBY 20 (8″x8″x3″) for $49! The smaller one isn’t bad, but we definitely recommend the larger ENEBY 30 instead.

PS. It has a 3.5mm AUX port if you don’t want to connect via Bluetooth and IKEA offer a separate battery pack that makes the speaker portable with 8–10 hours of playback time.

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