How To Write An Essay In Minimal Time: 7 Organization Tips

Essay writing is the eternal hurdle every student must scale during their time in the education system. Despite the difficulty of the writing process, the main problem students face is the time constraint. 

Think about it; you often have the right idea and approach for your essay, but you just don’t have the time. And to make matters worse, the deadlines for multiple assignments are approaching simultaneously. 

In these situations, some students might delegate their tasks to a reliable essay writing service. Alternatively, you can rearrange some tasks on your schedule to enable more productive use of your limited time.

So, we’ll look at some organizational tips on how to write a paper fast.

Get rid of distractions

Workspace arrangement plays a vital role in your productivity level and organization in writing. The presence of distractions within your work environment can only increase the essay writing time by derailing your focus. So, you must arrange your workspace to maximize efficiency.

Here are ways to manage distractions:

  • Choose a comfortable location and setup.
  • Remove every unnecessary object from the desk.
  • Turn off all notifications on your devices.
  • Use noise-cancellation headphones.

Besides, you can use online apps like StayFocusd to create a distraction-free environment. More so, notification blocking apps can help you filter social media notifications from emergencies.

Choose conducive writing hours

Everybody has specific productive hours. Some people perform best in the early hours of the morning, while others are more productive at night. Find your most productive period and schedule your writing tasks to coincide with these hours.

Create a time table

Without effective scheduling, the entire essay writing process will depend on chance. If you wish to complete your essay before the deadline, create a working schedule. Set a time limit for every task, starting from research and ending with proofreading.

But how long should an essay be?

This information is always part of the essay instructions. In essence, the required word count and volume of research give some context to the estimated completion time.

Take planned breaks 

As students, we often fall into the temptation of going on prolonged coffee-inspired sprints. Let’s face it; this technique looks effective since you can work beyond your usual sleep cycle. However, the essay quality will take a nosedive. When you go through your paper afterward, you will discover several errors.

The truth is that the body is a well-oiled machine that needs breaks to recuperate. Consequently, working your body into overdrive is detrimental to your health. Therefore, schedule breaks between tasks and observe them. Use these short and long intermissions to change your scenery — eat something, drink water, or check your Facebook feed.

Outline the main points

Before you start writing any academic paper, you must brainstorm the idea. Conducting research will give your essay coherence. Although some people argue that brainstorming is time-consuming, the reality is that it will save you time.

Furthermore, always take notes during the brainstorming session. These notes will help you develop an essay outline. In essence, this outline represents the essay’s framework. It also eliminates disorderliness in the paper. And if you don’t have enough time to outline the essay, copy one from the internet.

Work with a clear thesis

A clear thesis is similar to a decisive clue to a treasure map. It gives your essay writing process a direction. The thesis will narrow down the essay’s focus to a defined scope, reducing the required work.

Also, developing a comprehensive thesis statement points the research and writing in a specific direction. This statement is like a compass that steers the writer (and the reader) to the essay’s central message. Therefore, a thesis narrows down the amount of work and specifies the scope of research.

Review errors in the end

Working with grammar tools is great because you get real-time corrections. However, this on-the-fly feature can be a hindrance if you need to complete an essay fast. Think about it; ignoring those red squiggly lines is almost impossible. Consequently, you take unscheduled stops to proofread and correct errors. 

But why put yourself through this stress?

Turn off your spell-check tools when writing an urgent essay. Proofread and edit when the final draft is complete. This technique will save you time by ensuring an uninterrupted workflow. 

Completing an essay in time is a technical task that requires meticulous planning. If you want to finish your essay in record time, arrange your workflow to maximize productivity. Get rid of distractions in your workspace and stay off social media. Most importantly, create a plan according to your timetable.

Amanda Dudley is a teacher and an essay writer at EssayUSA. She understands the intricacies of academic writing so she writes flawless essays for students within the stipulated deadlines. The quality of her work speaks for her as she meets all of her customer’s requirements.

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