How To Sleep Your Best During Long Trips In Your Van/RV

Sleeping in a van or an RV might not sound ideal to some people. But, with the right setup and knowledge, you can have an incredible night’s sleep. Although most are squeezed for space, some more than others, you can enjoy a good night’s sleep with appropriate planning. 

There is no use in trying to fit huge blankets and pillows as it will cram your space. You will want space and comfort to be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep during long trips in your van or RV. 

Here are some tips to have the best sleep possible.

Upgrade to a custom mattress

You can find a custom RV mattress to suit your needs. Whether you prefer thin or thick materials or something to support your height, there will be something to suit your needs.

The mattress is one of the keys to a good night’s sleep, especially on a long trip. So invest in one to suit your needs so that you can get some needed rest. 

Blackout the windows

Waking up early in the morning might hinder a good night’s rest. Instead, blackout the windows to avoid waking up at the crack of dawn. 

If you find it a lot of trouble blacking out the windows, then try a sleeping mask. Either way, you will be able to avoid seeing the sun as soon as it rises and get a longer sleep. 

Level off your base

If you feel wonky or twisted, you are bound to keep waking up to reposition yourself. You can avoid this by leveling off your base. 

Get your mattress as straight as possible before settling down to sleep. You will find that you wake less and you will feel as close to being in a real bed as possible.  

Avoid screens before bed

Although you might find that there is not much else to do before bed than watch Netflix or scroll your phone, it will hinder your sleep. Instead, play a game, stargaze, or enjoy an evening of reading. 

Switching off your mind will help you settle and help you drift off into a more settled sleep. 

Use earplugs

You could easily be woken up by another van or RV pulling in or out of the campsite late at night. Or, you might even hear people waking up for breakfast. 

If you struggle to sleep through noise, then you might want to consider investing in some earplugs. These will block out as much noise as possible so that you don’t experience disrupted sleep. 

Keep it cool inside

You will not sleep well if the van or RV is hot and stuffy. Keeping your van or RV cool can be tricky if you are in a hot climate. But, it is possible. Use the AC or open your windows when the sun has gone down. 

A cool van/RV will help you stay cool and better rested. You may even want to keep the sheets light so that you stay cool during the night. 

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