How to Set the Stage for Outdoor Living With Scenic Doors

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Modern architecture now features an array of new designs to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor living spaces. The use of scenic doors has stood out as the perfect way to achieve that. When strategically installed, these stylish exterior doors provide expansive views of the natural world outside while increasing the flow of natural lighting into your living space. Below we share tips on how you can set the stage for your outdoor living with these clean, minimal, and elegantly-designed scenic doors.

Select the Right Doors

The door type you choose significantly impacts the interaction between the inside and the outside and your home’s overall look and atmosphere. You need glass doors primarily for this purpose, but you can choose frames that match your home and outside space.

You can always find a wide array of glass doors at Doors Plus, crafted from premium materials. Whether you prefer French doors, folding doors, bi-fold doors, multi-slide doors, or sliding doors, you can never miss an option that best suits your situation and home.

Go for a Wide Opening

Think of how you will walk to the garden and whether you need a broad view of the outside. It would be best to create a wider door gap as it will give you that feeling of being outside when the weather is unfavorable. A large scenic door will be more helpful if you happen to receive many visitors. During the night, you will simply sit inside and appreciate the stars in the sky.

If you need to remove part of the wall to create a larger entrance than the current, let an experienced professional do the job to maintain the structural integrity of the building. The transformation will give a modern, open-plan, and aesthetically-appealing home.

Maximize the Glass

Since you will have a larger opening, think of how you will utilize the glass to the maximum. You may decide to seal the entire opening with a set of glass doors. This will enable you to maximize the amount of natural light getting into your home and create a feeling of being outside. If you can’t afford to fit the entire gap with glass doors, ensure you cover the remaining small space with toughened or tempered glass sheets to keep up with the same effect.

Customize Your Door

Going for customized scenic doors will enable you to bring your unique visions to life and choose more energy-efficient materials. A few things to keep in mind when customizing scenic doors include:

  • Take measurements to determine the glass sheet and frame sizes
  • Decide whether you prefer the door hardware to recede into the background or boldly accent your interior design
  • Know the sill solutions in regard to the door threshold. Low threshold sills usually enhance the movement between interior and exterior spaces
  • Install screens if you are dealing with insects in your area
  • Weigh the possibility of choosing active scenic doors that allow you to move inside and outside without touching or operating the door
  • Pay closer attention to the frame’s vertical parts (stiles) intersections and how they carve up the view when the door is closed

Pay Attention to the Deck

Keep in mind that you need a well-designed outdoor space that compliments the scenic doors to set the stage for outdoor living. Most homeowners choose patios and wooden decking, but any floor type can do. You will also need to install railing even if your home is at ground level.

Additionally, consider investing in permanent decorations around the deck areas to add a touch of elegance. Install a lighting system that will stylishly brighten the outdoor space at night while bringing out that perfect integration between the inside and the outside spaces in your home.

Other additions you should not forget to include in your outdoor space are chairs and tables. You might want to make the space large enough to accommodate several small chairs and tables, allowing family and visitors to relax while enjoying the outdoor ambiance.

Keep Security in Mind

As a homeowner, you need to be keen on the placement of the right door for security purposes. Pay more attention to multipoint locking, especially the engagement of the locking mechanism and the frame in multiple spots for maximum security.

For instance, if you live near busy streets, you might want to consider hinged doors with a deadbolt lock. Sliding glass doors with robust lock and alarm systems also go a long way in enhancing the security of your home. However, the frameless sliding glass doors feature a different locking mechanism, making them a perfect choice for the backyard view.

As you prepare to set the stage for outdoor living with scenic doors, focus on forging robust connections to the natural environment to increase airflow and develop spacious settings. Besides, identify a reputable door professional to walk the journey and get quality door installations. You will soon create a space everyone loves and doesn’t want to leave.

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