How to reduce the need for extra lighting in your home

One of the biggest nuisances that can clutter up any room is lighting. If you don’t feel like your room is bright enough during certain times of the day, even with your ceiling light on, you might have added some floor lamps, table lamps, or even string lights to your room. Unfortunately, every single one of these takes up either a lot of floor or wall space. Here are some of the ways you can try and reduce the need for this extra clutter in your home while maintaining a good amount of light.

Let light in from the top of the room

When we’re looking to see the sun outside, we all know to look up in the sky. Unfortunately, when we’re indoors in our home, we normally have to look sideways as that’s where the majority of the windows are. This means that you only often get the sun shining through your window either at the very start of the day or the very end of the day, depending on which way your house is facing. If you install a roof light, however, your room will be filled with more natural light throughout the day. No matter how big your roof is, you’ll be able to find the perfect roof light on websites like, who have a wide range of different designs to suit any home. Some of these can even be opened via remote control, which means you’ll also have an extra handy way of letting more air in during the hotter months. They are surprisingly easy to get installed, and once you do, you will probably increase the value of your home by a lot more than you paid for them to be installed. 

Add thinner privacy curtains

One of the major culprits of blocking out natural light into any room is thick curtains. If you live on a street that faces out onto a busy road, there will be times of day where you want to draw the curtains for a bit of privacy. Unfortunately, as well as blocking out the people and traffic outside, you’ll also be blocking out all of the sunlight. Instead, consider installing thinner curtains that you can’t see through yet will let in just as much light as if you didn’t have them drawn. Unless it’s your bedroom, there are very few occasions where you’d need to block out all light from getting into your room, so don’t buy any blackout curtains for these rooms. 

Buy brighter bulbs

On an evening when the sun has set, the best way to add more light into your room is simply to make your existing ceiling light work harder. Take out the bulb and see whether a brighter version of the same bulb is available to buy and will work in your light fitting. You could even look at seeing whether you can buy a smart bulb for your light fitting, which will allow you to increase and decrease the brightness of the bulb from your smartphone. 

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