How to Pull Off Your Family Move to Hawaii without a Hitch

Moving to Hawaii may be a dream and feel like a step toward paradise. However, life in Hawaii will take some planning. You’ll need to determine which island you want to move to and how much housing space you’ll need. Finally, you will need cash.

Reduce Your “Stuff” Load

If you’re not sure about moving to Hawaii, rent a storage unit and load it with your favorite furniture, dishes, and appliances. Sell or donate what you don’t want to store, and only carry weather-appropriate clothing, personal electronics, and toiletries on your move to Hawaii.

If you choose to ship your vehicle, you may be able to load it with some gear. However, it’s not a good idea to ship your fragile items or electronics in your vehicle; extreme temperatures, humidity, and rattle may lead to results you don’t want to face.

Build Up Savings

Hawaii is not a cheap place to live. Those traveling with children may also need to find a private school upon arrival. If you or your partner are able to move while working remotely, you will probably feel more confident about your finances. However, savings will make it much easier to settle in comfortably.

If you sell your existing home before moving to Hawaii and plan to buy another home on the island you choose, discuss your plans with your accountant to make sure that you can move the proceeds from your mainland home into your island home with no risk of a tax burden.

Ship Your Vehicle

There is a bus service on Oahu, but the public transportation on the rest of the islands is not ideal. Relying on a Hawaii car shipping service can save you a great deal of hassle. If you don’t yet own a four-wheel drive vehicle or something with decent clearance, now is the time to trade in your sedan or minivan.

There are many lovely places in Hawaii that can’t be reached on a well-paved road. Tow costs can be extremely expensive. If you’re not sure which vehicle is best, rent a car while on a scouting trip to see which roads are off-limits. Your favorite child-friendly ride may not survive a family outing to a popular beach or hiking trail. A move to Hawaii is a great time to upgrade your ride.

Move With A Job

Finding work on one of the Hawaiian islands often means that you need to actually do the relocation before you start applying. Hawaiian employers have often heard from potential employees who plan to move but never arrive. If you can work remotely, keep your current job until you can get settled into your island home, then go job hunting if you need to find in-person work.

Of course, the Hawaiian economy was hit by the pandemic. However, unemployment rates are dropping as the world moves forward. You may be able to find really good deals on an apartment or a rental house through the end of 2022.

Rent a Furnished Place

Don’t pay to move your furniture to Hawaii until you are sure you are going to stay. As noted above, Hawaii is expensive. While there are plenty of free things to do on the islands, groceries, rent, and some utilities will be higher than you were used to paying in the states.

The difference between renting an empty place and renting a furnished apartment on most of the islands of Hawaii is negligible, especially when you compare it to the cost of moving your furniture from the mainland. If you move to Hawaii to scout out a place for you and your family, you may be able to just rent a single room for a time until you find the best island for your needs. Don’t be too wedded to the idea of bringing your favorite sofa or side table; it may not be worth the cash in the end.

Travel light on your trip to the islands. Scout out your intended move to make sure you get to the best region for you and your family. Pay special attention to the available schooling and consider making room in your budget for a private education for your children. Invest in a car that will suit your travel needs and ship it to your new home.

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