How to Pick the Right Computer as a Graphic Designer

Working as a graphic designer means that you need a reliable computer. There are a lot of choices out there, but one cannot go in blindly as computers are quite costly.

If you are looking to purchase your first computer or consider that it would be a good time for a change, do not underestimate how much thought should go into picking the best available option.

Of course, money plays a prominent role, but even if you are on a budget, there are still plenty of choices. Here are some of the most important things to take into consideration when you are looking for a new computer.


If the only purpose of getting a computer is to work on graphic design, you do not need to spend too much money. Sure, it helps when the computer is good overall and gives you no problems.

On the other hand, if you are serious about pursuing a career and expect to work with more complicated stuff in the future, you will need to have decent hardware so that the system can support the necessary work software.

For example, if you were to get a laptop, like Macbook, encountering various issues like mac hanging up or stuttering is inevitable and should not be too worrying if they are not that frequent. On the other hand, if the issue persists and makes it impossible to do any work, you will struggle.

Processor speed, memory, and even hard drive space are some of the most important aspects that you need to think about. If you are not that familiar with tech, talk to someone who can help you out. Maybe it is a graphic designer you know? Asking for their recommendations would probably be the best.


There is an argument to be made about used computers. Some people are pragmatic and are perfectly fine with any computer so long as it does the job. The price is certainly one of the main talking points. 

Second-hand computers are cheaper, and if you are on a tighter budget, you would be better off looking for something that you can afford. Overspending money is not always the best option. After all, you should focus on your job first, and when you get some savings, you can look to purchase a brand-new computer.

Hard Drive

These days, a computer’s hard drive is more important than you might think. In fact, it is no longer about hard drives. More and more people are looking to purchase a computer that has a solid-state drive. Or even if their current laptop or PC has an HDD, they will look to replace it with an SSD provided that it is possible.

Solid-state drives excel with their speed. The hardware is also quite sturdy and will last you for a longer time than a regular HDD. Overall, it is a good investment and one that you should prioritize when looking for a new computer or upgrade the hardware of your current model.


If you are purchasing a PC, there will be fewer worries about picking a monitor as you will have more than enough options. 

On the other hand, portability could also determine whether a person will decide to go with a laptop in the end. If you decide to purchase a laptop in the end, keep in mind that the screen size will not be as big as what you would get from an average PC monitor.

That is not to say that it should be the size of a screen to be the thing that determines what you will purchase. However, keep in mind that it is more convenient to work when you have a larger screen. 

Graphics Tablet

A graphics tablet has become a go-to peripheral for graphic designers. A mouse or a trackpad have their uses, but it would seem like the most recent trend favors graphic tablets. 

Graphic tablets should be affordable for most people. The price ranges from 50 to 500 dollars, so it is similar to purchasing the actual computer. Look at the available options and determine which suits you the most in terms of features and how much money you can afford to spend.

A graphic tablet is akin to a piece of paper. You may rediscover what it is like to draw with a pen and paper, just like when you were first starting out with doodling in school.

Available Design Tools

Available design tools are not necessarily something that a lot of people think about when they are looking to purchase a computer for graphic design work. First of all, there are not that many noticeable exclusives that Macbooks or PCs have to offer.

Moreover, you have emulators and other methods around the problem in case you need to run specific software on your system. The issue appears when you are looking for official stuff and do not want to look for solutions that involve a lot of work.

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