How to Open Key Lock Box Without Code

Have you lost the keys to a lock box? And you want to gain access without the key code? Well, you’re in luck. Several ways can be done. The first step towards getting in without needing the key is figuring out what kind of lock box it is and what you need to do to get in. QuickPro Locksmith has put together a list of tools, methods, and devices that can help open up several types of key lock boxes. If none of these methods work for you, contact a locksmith in Atlanta for assistance.

A lockbox can be used for many things, such as your mail or to protect your valuables like jewelry or documents. These boxes are designed to keep people out of your property and away from your valuables. But what happens when you lose the code?

There is no need to worry because there are ways that you can open these boxes without any codes at all. The following information will tell you how to open a key lock box without a code, so read on!

Tools Needed

Only a few tools are needed to open a lockbox without a code.

Lock Pick

The first thing you need is a lock pick set that will allow you to decode your lock box without having the code written down anywhere. A good quality one should cost less than $30 but make sure that it comes with instructions on how to use it properly before buying one online or at your local hardware store so that you don’t end up breaking anything while trying to open your own lock!

Pen and Paper

The second tool you need is paper and a pen to write down all the codes that people have tried before. This will make it easier for you when trying different combinations of numbers and letters until one works out perfectly for your situation.

Pair of Gloves

You will need a pair of gloves. This will help protect your hands from the sharp edges of the lock box. You may also want to use some sort of eye protection as well.

How To Open Key Lock Box Without Code

Follow whichever method works best for your situation.

Bypassing Method

This method involves using some bypass tool to gain access to the lock box. This method can be used on any type of padlock or lock box. You just need a few minutes and basic tools like a screwdriver, hammer, and wire cutter.


Drilling is another popular method to open many types of locks and boxes. You will need a drill bit that can fit inside your lock box to drill through it easily. This method works best if you have soft metals or plastic material inside your lock box. If not, drilling may damage some parts of your lockbox to work properly again.


Prying is also another effective way to open any type of padlock or lock box without using any tool at all, as long as it has thin walls made out of soft materials such as aluminum or plastic materials that will bend easily when pressure is applied.


Decoding is a manual process that works best with a wheel combination lock. Apply tension over the lock while applying pressure to open it. Move the wheel through combinations until the box opens. It is the most effective way to open the box if you have an idea of what the combination possibilities may have been.


This requires some skill and patience, but it’s worth trying out if you want to get into your key lock box without breaking it open or damaging anything else. You will need a pick tool which will be used to move all of the pins inside so that they align with their respective holes in order to open the lock box. The only downside here is that it takes time, so if you need access quickly, this may not be for you!


This involves cutting off one side of the key lock box so you can open the inside with a screwdriver or something similar. This method can be dangerous because it involves using power tools which could cause injury if not handled properly by an expert locksmith! It also permanently damages your key lock box, so if there’s any chance that someone needs it.

Flathead Screwdriver Tool

If you have a flathead screwdriver tool, you can unscrew it the lock on the front of the lockbox and then open it with your hands.


Insert your shim into the key slot and push it as far as possible until it hits up against the back of the lock. Tap your screwdriver tool against your shim until its tip comes from underneath it. This will force the pins inside the lock to move into their correct positions, allowing you to rotate your key inside and open it easily!

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