How to Modernize Your Home – 6 Innovative Ideas for a Quick Upgrade

While it’s good to refresh the look of your house every once in a while, a complete renovation can be quite costly and time-consuming – something that many people cannot afford. However, there are many relatively quick ways to modernize your home without making a dent in your pocket.

Intrigued? Good, because here are six ways to modernize your home and give it a new and refreshing look:

Add New Lighting

If you want to change the look of the room, you should start with the lighting. Change the fixtures you have at the moment to the ones with more of a modern style. Also, consider adding additional lighting, for example, under the cabinets in your kitchen. When placing new lamps in a room, remember to locate them strategically so that they will make it look more spacious and cozier.

If you have a home office, you should consider installing a LED panel light – it is often chosen for the office space, mainly because of its aesthetics, as well as the fact that it is the most energy-efficient way of illuminating a large space.

While you might be able to install some of the fixtures yourself for a more complicated project, you should consider hiring a professional just to make sure everything is done safely.

Get to Painting

Adding a fresh coat of paint is probably the cheapest way to improve your interior design. You can decide to either continue with the color you have on your walls at the moment, or you can try something new. Some of the popular colors include clay, hunger green, or peacock.

Remember that you don’t have to paint the whole room in one color – you can do just one wall, making it an accent wall. Accent walls have been popular for quite a while now, mainly because they are a perfect way of adding depth to a small room or dividing a bigger space.

Paint More Than Walls

Walls are not the only thing you can paint in your house. Consider giving your kitchen cabinets a new life with a fresh coat of paint – especially if they are in good shape. Why would you spend money on new ones, when you can just clean the ones you have, sand them and give them a new look with a few brush swipes.

To do it, you will need sandpaper, a good cleaner, paintbrush, paint, and quite a lot of patience. When it comes to color, the choices are endless – if you want a more dramatic look, you can go for shaded like green, teal, or blue. On the other hand, if you prefer a more modern farm look, go for the classics – white or gray.

Change The Kitchen’s Backsplash

If you don’t really want to change your cabinets’ color, consider changing the kitchen’s backsplash. There are so many options available on the market today that no matter what you are into when it comes to home decor, you should find one that will work just fine for you.

Change the Window Treatments

This is a very quick way of updating the room’s look – invest in some new shades or fabric on the window. While a good idea is to follow the room’s color scheme or find something that matches the decor that is already there, if you find some that you like but don’t particularly match the room, we would say go for it. After all, you are the one living there, so it’s important that you like it.

If you are feeling a little more crafty, you can buy a piece of fabric and make curtains by yourself. If you want to, you can purchase new, more modern rods or rings, but if you want to save money, there’s nothing wrong with reusing what you already have.

Update the Flooring

No matter your budget, you are bound to find at least a few options to choose from and give a room a new life. A smart idea is to use the peel-and-stick flooring so that you don’t have to remove the old one. While you can hire a professional to install it for you, the installation process is quite easy, which means that you should have no problem installing it yourself.

If you want to make an area feel bigger, try using the same flooring throughout the whole space – for example, if you have a small apartment. It will make it look more spacious.

The Bottom Line

While giving a new life to your apartment or house every once in a while is definitely a nice idea, not everyone can or wants to do it. Not only is it time-consuming, but also quite expensive. That’s precisely why we decided to help you by showing you six ways to modernize your home and give it a quick and inexpensive upgrade.

Whether you decide to implement them into your home is up to you. Remember to do whatever you think will work in your home. After all, it’s your space, it’s your apartment, and you know exactly what you want in it. Good luck!

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