How To Keep Sofa Covers In Place? 4 Best Hacks

Living room couch covers are a necessity – it’s what makes your couch look neat and prevents dust from building up. But there are also couch covers to prevent pet hair, couch covers to use when you have company over, couch covers for accidental spills. While these reasons may seem obvious, the problem is that they actually aren’t! Living room couch covers and throws go sliding off constantly and can leave your living room looking like a mess in no time at all. But fortunately we’ve found 4 brilliant hacks on how to keep sofa covers in place. 

Follow them and say goodbye to having your couch cover constantly bunched up or sliding around everywhere!

Best Sofa Covers For Pets:  

For those of us with pets, couch covers that keep pet hair at bay are a must. However, for many, the couch cover will quickly end up looking like it’s gotten caught in a whirlwind. The key to couch covers staying on is proper placement – if there are no arms to tuck them under or back cushions to hold them down, couch covers will constantly pop loose. If you have pets, make sure you buy couch covers with an adjustable band which you can tie around the couch arm / back cushions to ensure your couch stays covered!

For Any Occasion:  

Formal sofa covers are also useful for any other occasion where you expect company over – just throw on some slipcovers and voila! Your old shabby couch looks nice and polished. And this is especially useful for couches with a busy pattern – you can keep couch covers on for an event and take them off later if you find it too hot or warm inside.

For Accidents: 

Accidental spills happen to the best of us, but we don’t want our couch looking like we’ve made a mess. Luckily couch covers are often waterproof as well as dirt repellent, making couch covers perfect for those unexpected accidents which end up ruining your couch! While any couch cover will work in theory, couch covers specifically designed to repel water / oil/ juice / etc will be much more effective at stopping those annoying stains from setting in and staying!

For Couch Pets:    

Couches with couch covers for pets are the best of both worlds – a couch that looks neat and tidy all the time, but also is comfortable and warm for your furry friend. And couch covers which protect against pet hair will save you loads of time sweeping up after your couch pet! 

So now that we’ve covered how couch covers can help you in everyday life with things like formal occasions or accidental spills, let’s move onto an important topic: why couch covers will save you money. Owning a couch actually costs a lot more than you think – it costs a fortune to keep your couch clean from dust and dirt, as well as those pesky stains from accidental spills or whatever else might happen to ruin your couch! For those couch covers for couch pets, you’ll also be spending more money on couch pet treatments to stop your couch from getting dirty. Having couch covers will save you money in the long run because you won’t have to spend so much time cleaning up accidents or whatever else ends up ruining your couch! Also, most couch covers come with warranties which often mean if something does happen it’s covered by the warranty and there are no additional costs to pay like extra cleaning or whatnot.

What Is The Best Sofa Cover?

Sofa Covers For Waterproofing & Dust Prevention:  If you want couch covers for any reason at all (furniture protection, formal occasions, etc) then waterproof sofa covers would make an excellent investment – couch covers specifically designed for couch waterproofing or couch protection will keep your couch protected from spills and other accidents for much longer, meaning you won’t have to spend time cleaning up after accidents. This is especially useful if you’re planning to use a couch cover with pets which means more than just stains – pet odor / excrement can damage couches as well so couch covers designed to protect against pet hair / dander are also good investments.


Couch covers are perfect for any couch owner, except maybe couch owners who live in extremely dry / cold climates where couch covers would make the couch too hot or uncomfortable to sit on. If you do live in a dryer climate, try adding some furniture protection oil spray to enhance your couch cover’s abilities!

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