How To Have A Dream Wedding During Covid

The pandemic hit many people’s incomes very hard. Either through lost jobs or reduced wages, many people find that they are in a worse financial position than the year before the pandemic. For couples planning on getting married, saving for a wedding has seldom seemed harder. In this article, we will explain to you how you can still have your dream wedding despite Covid-19 and all the uncertainty of our time.

Trim Down

First off, as the Delta variant rages, you should plan small. Not just for reasons of health and safety, but in case the Centres for Disease Control change their guidelines down the road and ban large gatherings. You may be fully vaccinated but you do not know what the vaccination status of your guests will be. So even if any prospective ban does not touch on vaccinated people, you could still be affected. So plan small and set your date accordingly. Although the vaccination rollout has been progressing well so far, you don’t want to be negatively affected by any future changes. Also, your friends and family may not all be comfortable with attending a large event, regardless of guidelines, so you may have fewer guests than you plan on having if you host a large event.

Getting Your Dress 

Thanks to the pandemic, it may not be possible to buy your dress in a traditional way, going into a shop, trying out different dresses before settling on the right one. However, this shouldn’t disappoint you. There are loads of online resources you can use to find the perfect wedding dress. Many wedding boutiques, such as Azazie and Anomalie have embraced the shift to remote and offer their services online. You can browse their collection, choose the right measurements for you and get alterations done, all from the comfort of your home. Many wedding boutiques are able to use technology to give you a virtual tour of their collection and even show you what the dress will look like when you have it on!

Getting the Ring

Buying a ring is one of the cherished moments leading up to a wedding. The search for the perfect ring and its discovery, is a time of romance and promises and joy. This is also a promise which, like shopping for  a wedding dress, is increasingly conducted online. Many jewelers have shifted online and are capable of giving you a virtual tour of their rings and helping you select the right ring for you.

Choose Your Venue
Getting the perfect wedding venue is one of the hardest decisions a couple can make. Some couples are particularly keen on destination weddings, others want a wedding closer to home. It’s especially important to hire a wedding planner given the uncertainty around international destinations, potential cancellations domestically and other potential restrictions. A wedding planner will help you find the perfect wedding venue for you. If you have a wedding venue in mind or want to search for one yourself, remember to factor in potential disruptions, understand vaccination requirements and keep tabs on any virus-related changes.

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