How to Grow Your Plant Garden Better

Growing plants from the seed level to pretty blooms can be somewhat tasking, even for those with green thumbs. This is because growing a plant faster entails more than just water supply and sunshine. There are procedures you can undertake to have your plant sprout fast and thrive better.

Taking adequate care of the plants in your garden can be very rewarding. Regardless of the type of plant, if you put the right measures in place, you will have them blossoming in no time. One good way to keep your plants in good condition is to source all you would need with great care. This is because plants have their specific needs which you need to provide for them to thrive in good condition. 

We have outlined in this article some tips to help you in making the plants in your garden to grow faster.

Tips on How to Make a Plant Grow Faster

The following are some tips to help your crops grow faster in the garden:

Soil Nutrient

It is imperative that your garden soil has the correct nutrient balance. When the soil lacks organic nutrients, many clumps stick together, preventing water and air from reaching the roots. If there are too many rocks in the soil, it will not be able to hold water as required.

A working soil provides plants with sufficient air, water, and nutrients. If the soil is too hard or sandy, add soil mixes to it to help the crops grow faster. Some soil mixes to add are grass clippings, manure, and compost. If you need help on how to build your own compost pile, you can check here:


The type of crop you are growing determines where you place them. Some plants like sunlight, so if you place them where they do not get it sufficiently, the leaves will not be green and this will slow down their growth. Conversely, if you have plants that don’t need a lot of sun and are put directly in the sun, they will burn and shrink.

It is important that you research more about the plant to know if it thrives better under the sun or not. It is also expedient that the research is done before planting, as it will be detrimental to the crop if you move it to a better location after the roots have started to spread.

Growth Method 

Use traditional birth control pills as fertilizer. These pills contain oxytocin or estrogen that helps in building growth hormone in plants.  You can do this in two ways. First, you can include some birth control pills to the soil once in two to three months to act as a type of plant food. This method is like the fertilizer sticks made for crops. You can also add it to the water you use to keep the plant hydrated. The ratio used in distribution is 1 gallon of water for one birth control pill. 

Water Supply

Make sure the plants are adequately supplied with water. Crops have their unique watering requirement which is dependent on their species. Excess water is just as dangerous as too little water. Unfortunately, there are no simple rules for determining how much water to use for your crops, but there are a few things you need to be aware of.

If the growth of the leaves is slow, drooping, or the tips are brown, it may be that you are not watering the crop enough. If there is water at the bottom of the plant container, or if your leaves have rotten areas, you may be overwatering them.

Cultivation Lights

It is recommended that you use cultivation lights for indoor crops. Whether the crops are kept indoors always or they have just been transferred due to winter, the cultivation lights are one of the most important mechanisms for indoor gardening. Cultivation lights are bulbs specially designed for plants. They provide plants with synthetic sunlight without any harmful rays. 

These are some tips that we recommend you use if you intend to make your plants grow faster in your garden. If you need recommendations on indoor plants to grow in your garden, you can check out this video.


Growing plants in your garden requires a good measure of attention and care to keep them blossoming. To do this, you need the right techniques and that is what we have set out to give you in this article. You can go ahead and start planting after putting the right mechanisms in place for the crops to grow.

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