How To Find Your Ring Size From Home

Whether you are looking for the perfect mens rings or an engagement ring, you will want to ensure that you order the ring in the right size.

During the era that we live in, it is more common than not to actually figure out your ring size and get the ring of your dreams all from the comfort of your home.

Finding the right fit for your ring is important. In fact, regardless of where you are getting your ring from and what the occasion is for, you want to ensure that the ring size is correct and accurate. Otherwise, you risk it slipping right off your finger.

What does it mean to have a proper ring fit? The general rule of thumb (no pun intended) is to have the ring sized to the point where it sits on your finger comfortably but is equally secure enough that it is not going to slip off past your knuckle.

You do not want to suffocate your finger and have it too tight that you can never take it off. But you equally do not want to have it so loose that it is always slipping and you are nervous to wear it. When it comes to finding the perfect ring size, it really is all about finding that perfect happy medium.

Ring Size Facts

When it comes to figuring out what your ring size is, you can follow the standard ring size guides that most ring designers follow in the US. The ring size scale uses both full and half numbers that range from three to thirteen or fourteen.

In general, women will be between a three and a nine, whereas men will be between an eight and a fourteen. The ring size is actually determined by the width of your finger in millimeters. For example, if you are a size three ring then it means that your finger’s width is fourteen millimeters wide.

Fun fact—the average ring size for a woman is between a five and a seven. But the average ring size for a man is a lot more varied.

Tips for Finding Your Ring Size

If you are wanting to find out your ring size, or that of your significant other, then luckily there are multiple ways you can do this at home. But before you try these different methods, keep these tips in mind.

1. Keep Your Knuckle in Mind

Knuckles come in all different shapes and sizes. They are also a very important factor to consider when it comes to figuring out your ring size at home. For example, if your knuckle is big, you will want to round the ring size up by at least a half size so that your ring can actually fit over your knuckle. Otherwise, it may be too tight and never make it all the way down on your finger.

2. Measure Multiple Times

Another important tip to remember is that you will want to take the measurement a few times so you can have the most accurate sizing result. This is because your finger will not only fluctuate based on various temperatures or environments but there is also the factor of human error. That is why one of the best courses of action is to measure your finger at least three different times before deciding on what your ring size is.

Methods to Find Your Ring Size

There are two different methods you can try at home to determine your ring size. All have their different benefits and all can easily be done by you.

Method 1: Use a Piece of String (Or Floss)

The first method is to use a piece of string or even dental floss and wrap it over your finger. Once you do this, mark the piece of string with a pen where the string is overlapped. From there, remove the string and measure it up against a ruler. This will give you the width of your finger in millimeters, which you can then convert into the relevant ring size.

To really get an accurate reading with this method, do not pull the string out too much after tying it around your finger, otherwise, you risk lengthening the string and then ordering a size that is too big.

Method 2: Use a Ring Sizer

If you are wanting the most accurate way to measure your ring size, then why not actually purchase a ring sizer? This is a great way to determine your true ring size in a really affordable and reliable way. In fact, many jewelery brands will have these on stock to send you so that you can measure up your finger before completing your purchase online.


No matter what type of ring you are getting, you should first and foremost determine your ring size with these two methods.

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